Write it down!

gah, just write it down and always be accurate, currently sitting in front of a total mess trying to balance a juice with 6 flavors, can I do it… well v14 incoming and not quite yet.

Make notes always, no matter what you do. When you find youve made a juice thats absolute heaven and you cant re-create then it is a real stinker.


I think this is one advice that is most commonly heard. Take notes and read :slight_smile:


I started DIY due to the fact I believe E liquids prices are going to go sky high in the near future.
Just started Vaping to quit smoking cigs. a few months ago and found DIY fun and a great hobby.This is a great idea and will start doing this !!!


in all honesty, as the weather fairs right now liquid prices will probably drop. No sign of them rising, especially in the super saturated market we have right now ( uk im talking)


With all the crap going on the US, it’s a whole different market. The good liquids might soon only be available on the black market. It’s a good time to get into DIY (and stock up on nic too).


I’ve amped up my DIY for that reason. There’s a few juices I’m going to miss, but working out substitutes for them


What to write down:

where you start to taste a flavor <very important
where you can taste “the flavor”
when it is too much, and you will know this… if you work with quality flavors… (my own thoughts on this)

what could go good with the flavor you are testing
what will not go good with the flavor you are testing

your thoughts and goals for this flavor… contrasting flavors, like flavors to avoid

and then retest every few months… add on to your notes… or do as I do… keep new notebooks and then once a year, merge them all and see how your taste buds have changed.

best advise I can give anyone trying to do solos… keep working them.


Prices have always been high compared to DIY. I remember when I started out years ago a 30ml bottle of Five Pawns was about $27.00 US.
It’s a real eye-opener when you begin mixing your own and you realize the outrageous markup and profit margins the commercial manufacturers are making.


i am bound to say this but i dont agree, the markup was huge in the past yes, not so much anymore.


When you take into consideration back then, vaping was in infancy… now days and 100ml going for around 8.99 up to 35.00 its about the same, as there are way many more vapers… :slight_smile:

More vapers, price low, more buyers, more money coming in… supply and demand…
However, dont go looking for decent mechs… there are not many in the cheap zone and in the higher zone, there is less too… most everyone now days are aiming for nic salts… an average 30ml goes for 8.99- 12.99 and even tho you might get a weeks use out of it… its still the save volume as if you were doing a 4 oz of reg nic at a week… Economics… :slight_smile:


idd and for retailers and consumers its fab


I wouldn’t know anything on that… :stuck_out_tongue:
Lucky to have maybe 50.00 extra a month after everything is all said and done…
Some just do it to help their fellow vapers enjoy good tastes…

I do believe in karma tho… :slight_smile:


100% YESSS… this is spot on !!!

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Thanks in bumping this @King_Blizzy

It’s what I tell everyone doing solos… I had refreshed one of my articles on my site… just to help those new to mixing… and as a refresher for myself :wink: I sometimes keep the notes in my head… and yeah… :stuck_out_tongue: