WTA v.s. USP Nicotine ~ Could Someone Explain this to me?

I’m sure I’m misunderstanding this and it has something to do with NET and not actually 95% nicotine? Right?

After posting this I think I get it LOL. Okay instead of using a 100% nicotine liquid like we would in diy they are using 95% of the liquid nicotine and 5% of other crap that I don’t want to know what it is …am I catching on?


ive read this over and over and am unsure what they are saying , but i think you are right

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Yup. It’s the other addictive stuff in cigs. The last time I heard about this stuff it was more of a discussion it being a tool for someone who was really having problems kicking the habit. This seems more like letter put the cig into a bottle of ejuice. Ugh smh.


WTA (whole tobacco alkaloids) ~ FAQ:

This is the best all around answer to what WTA’s are and can do for vapers.


Aroma’s WTA has been around quite a long time.

I’ve just purchased 120ml of Om Vapors WTA 36mg for testing purposes. I can tell you at this moment, when I tested it… the product titrated at 36mg/ml… so that’s a good sign. :grinning:

Now, to mix up a test batch and see if the product does actually provide, what some users define as a “time released” calming action/feeling with regards to the alkaloid content in the nicotine. We shall see… :wink:


I’m confused now, don’t we get this other stuff in our liquid when we do a N.E.T extraction?


i don’t really know what it is… but as far i know Selenium can be toxic… same goes for alkaloids… all i can think is that this thing is dangerous or at least for heavy vapers…

for me this thing smells tnt… i don’t trust it…
Vaping industry is an upcoming one… i guess many dudes will come out to sell something different and say whatever it needs to sell or whatever… marketing is a nasty thing :frowning:

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It is 95% pure nicotine with 5% of other crap that is diluted to a maximum of 100 mg/ml. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine liquid that we all can buy from the usual outlets contains 99.7% pure nicotine but is diluted to 100 mg/ml. That is the highest amount available and even at that strength, 100 mg/ml nicotine is toxic and potentially lethal if mishandled. That is why we further dilute it with PG/VG to 12 mg/ml or 6 mg/ml or 3 mg/ml for vaping.

I’m not sure why they are bragging about a lower grade of nicotine containing 5% impurities. For vaping, the less impurities the better so 95% pure is not what I would recommend when 99.7% pure is readily available.

100% PURE nicotine would be 1000 MG per ML which you could not purchase if you wanted to. The nicotine liquid we purchase is actually a 10% solution equaling no more than 100 mg per milliliter.

As for the impurities they listed, these are SOME of them:
Nornicotine - Nornicotine is an alkaloid found in various plants including Nicotiana, the tobacco plant. It is chemically similar to nicotine, but does not contain a methyl group.
Anatabine - Anatabine is one of the minor alkaloids found in plants in the Solanaceae family, which includes the tobacco plant and tomato.
Anabasine - Anabasine is a pyridine and piperidine alkaloid found in the Tree Tobacco plant, a close relative of the common tobacco plant. It is a structural isomer of, and chemically similar to, nicotine. Its principal industrial use is as an insecticide. YIKES!
Nicotyrine – Nicotyrine is a minor tobacco alkaloid that occurs naturally in tobacco plants. It is being studied as an inhibiting compound of nicotine metabolism in tobacco smoke.


In short… no. :smirk:

Here’s a little light reading for you:



Got it, thanks :+1:


beside that there is:

There are a couple of old, very long, closed threads which started WTA that I can point you to :



I have read these, some I have gone over several times. Everyone has an opinion. I have mine, and it is not kind to this fellow Dvap. My Mother told me, “if you do not have something nice to say then do not say anything…”

Speaking as a chemist myself, I look to any discussion of this type for at least two things: 1.) is there a full description of the method in use? 2.) is there a fully enumerated list of the target molecules destined for isolation?

Both these items are carefully missing from the hundreds of pages that Dvap has written on the subject. It is full of vague references to something called “Pure Tobacco Alkaloids” (whatever that might mean???) And the description of the method resolves to: “I could tell you but then I would have to kill you”

If I have the above two items, then I can ascertain if there might be a lot of undesirable junk left over from the process, and I can make statements about the Toxicity of the molecules that are likely to end up as a result of the process, whether those be intended or not.

OK,… enough said… You Vape what you want, it’s a free country. Personally I will pass.

One other observation: This whole subject and the idea of applying certain types of advance chemistry, particularly obtaining isolates by relying on intermediate stepwise reaction chemistry / catalytic, precursor synthesis or otherwise, versus just simple herbal infusions, like soaking leaves in water, that sort of thing will instantly attract the attention of the FDA. As if we don’t already have enough problems in that department !

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Why do you think DVap is vague and items are missing? Could it be:

  1. He doesn’t want to stand behind or “be held accountable” for his “research”?

  2. He doesn’t want others to travel down a “kitchen chemistry” path, possibly creating a dangerous extraction?

  3. He doesn’t want to divulge his methods, which he (might have) outright sold to a WTA vendor or receives a royalty payment from his “research/findings”?

These are question which I have thought about myself since I joined ECF back in 2014 and started my research on NET.

“I could tell you, but then I’d have to I’ll you”… that’s cute and all, but it’s a non-answer to a lot of questions. :smirk:

I stand behind no manufacturer of an extract but my own.

Have I (or all of us) exposed myself (ourselves) to countless toxins over the years by merely trusting what a manufacturer touts about their product? You bet! :smirk:

Just for fun… Quiz time!

You know what kills 5 times more people every year than tobacco? Plus, we all consume the substance without any questions, reservations, or demand proof from the scientific community that it is ok to ingest on a daily basis?

Surprise! :grinning:

Sugar! :flushed: (And/or carbohydrates which our bodies convert to sugar)

So, when folks are “verbally helpful” about what they (or others) would or should not trust entering their bodies… they should stop, for just a moment, and think about what kind of crap they cram in their mouth and ingest on a daily basis. :wink:


As a diabetic I can’t consume sugar … so yeah I agree sugar kills…

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