WTB Aegis 20700/21700 Battery Cap

I bought the non kit version of the Aegis mod and it needs a special cap to fit 20700/21700 batteries. It’s only included in the version that comes with a tank. Does anyone who bought the kit want to sell the cap?

I can only find the cap for sale on geekvape.com. They’re in China and I’d rather not wait for who knows how long for delivery. Thanks

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Are you in the US or UK?


http://www.3avape.com/geek-vape-aegis-battery-cap-for-20700-21700-battery.html - “We will send your orders in 2 days.”


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I’m in the US… I probably should have said that.

Ivapesupply.com is in the US, so I’ll order it there.

Thanks for the links. It was cool of you to do some digging for me.

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Seems to be a common item in the UK… Weird really…

Hey if you are East Coast like me, 3fvape is pretty darn fast, my average is 8 days if it’s a 24hour item. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ordered a non-24h item from there.

And that’s just using the regular Epacket shipping option.