WTB Vanilla Custard TPA

If anyone has it, and doesn’t like it or use it, I would pay for it. I know I can order it, but the one I had ordered got tossed because I think I accidently got VBIC instead of Vanilla Custard (TPA). This is only a request for someone who has it and doesn’t use it, I surely would not want to put anyone out by asking for it. Thanks all!


How much do you need I’ve got some that has been around for awhile In a brown Boston round glass so it should be good between 15 and 30mls or so

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Yes I Have 30ml sent you a PM


sorry it was given away i kept the vanillin, vbic ( which im hoping to try again and not get the pepper taste Ha )


No prob Fidalgo, David’s got me covered, thanks for checking for me though, I really appreciate the gesture!