WTF is wrong with ECF?

So i check my emails…and I get the newsletter from ECF with the subject reading this…

It’s a joke…but a very f&%king bad one


its stupid shit like this that makes me not vuy from companies or individuals , this writer is a fool , No you dont have to borrow a little juice from me bc your out ill make you as much as you need to stay off ciggs, ciggs arent social you stink non smokers run from you , its just a nasty thing all together , and truthfully i hated the taste and smell thats whi i didnt smoke in my home or my vehicles , man again this is silly btw i get its supposed to be a joke but people against vaping could easily use this against it


It’s ment to be satirical, still not very funny. Sadly this is how most current smokers veiw it. The fda stepping in and regulating vape is already having an affect. Vape is on the decline, sadly american’s will see vape as a novelty (or already do). Pieces like this help no one because people are stupid enough to go along with it.


Wow, I just found out you can pull a muscle from rolling your eyes too hard… :rolling_eyes:


To the OP…

Dearest Pugsly. You didn’t seriously ask WTF is wrong with ECF did you?




more of a “what is WRONG with ECF”

I more than most know full well what is ‘wrong’ with ECF lmao…being banned and all that, and STILL receiving news letters like this piece of crap.

Just being banned and not being allowed to remove my account is…you know what…don’t even get me started lol :angry:


Fantastic article, just got myself a pack of ciggys because it’s “cool” :unamused:


A better question is WTF was your reason for searching on ECF? :joy:
You best not be posting any of your reviews over there man , I ain’t the sharing type!:rage:[quote=“Pugs1970, post:7, topic:91865”]
Just being banned and not being allowed to remove my account is…you know what…don’t even get me started lol :angry:

Ok I see it wasn’t your fault !:grin:


Their haughty and highmindedness is too extreme to put into words. And since that’s not who you are then whether banned or you left on your own, fact is you’re better off where people keep it real like they do here.

As for removing your account, I’ve tried to find that button several times and can’t seem to locate it. Otherwise I wouldn’t exist there.


Oh I outright demanded to remove it from there site and they pointblank refused, one of their admin…Retired1 I think their name was, what a horrendous human being, I argued that it was my right to not be affiliated with their website if I chose not to, didn’t care one bit, we had a good argument that lasted a few days via email, I am not proud of what I wrote :confused:

ok I am a little bit…


There must be someone you can contact that will make them take the information down, unless their terms and conditions stated “We can keep your account open Pugs for fuckin ever if we want SO THERE”.


That’s what it feels like Tony lol

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