WTS Best offer, reasonable or not, Estoc Mega, Flavors, COV Vengeance

Just want to get rid of some extra stuff taking up room. Best Offer Takes it all! Feel free to PM an offer if you prefer :smiley:

Vaporesso Estoc Tank, almost new, only used with the 2-3 (can’t remember) coils that came with it. Comes with spare seals and glass.

COV Vengeance Tank with spare glass.

COV Defiant tank, the rubberized? silicone? coating is starting to come off around the afc ring can be seen in pictures. With spare glass a couple o-rings, not all.

Both of these have been used and loved, still work fine. Haven’t used in a while, they might need new seals. They seem ok with visual inspection.

2 Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RTDA’s. New in sealed box. Both SS.

COV Cotton Coils will fit either COV tank qty 4

2 silicone rings for COV Drip tip.

Aspire Clapton Coil qty 1

Supertank coil qty 1

Crown III .25 coil qty 2

Various flavors. Almost all are full or just 1ml shy.

Signature Pear, RF Strawberry SC, and FA Cherry are still sealed.

Cap Golden Pineapple approximately half full, and just a few mls left in the Cap Tangerine. Cap Danish is about 3/4 full.

All RF are SC except for the Elephant Ear is VG.

Purilum Grapefruit Mohito 1 bottle is regular strength, the other is a double strength when we were testing more concentrated flavors, so it will be a bit different to work with.

Silicone top rings for Aspire Cleito tanks.

3-4 tank protector rings silicone.


No one interested? Don’t be shy y’all! I hate to waste stuff…please give all these little guys a new and loving home :slight_smile:

Or even any home that won’t put them in a drawer and neglect them like their current mommy does :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t bite…any offers considered!!!


that looks awesome o.o but I have zero experience to make an offer, specially since I think it’d be international postal service, and commercialization of vaping stuff is prohibited here =\ if customs decided to check, it’d be returned on sight


I’m sorry. I may be ashamed of our supposed president, but at least we don’t have to deal with customs. Wait…I’ll take the customs if you take Trump :wink:


Customs may stop him at the border :crazy_face:


you can only take our customs if you take our president along, too =p he’s been doing almost as much damage here as Trump over there… =p

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What is your price on the Aromamizer?

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Was trying to sell it as a lot. Not even sure what they go for anymore. What sounds fair for you?

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Hello My Dear. Did you sell your lot ?

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No, not yet :frowning:

Are you interested :wink:

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I sent you a message.

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Oh, ok. No need for the lot.


No worries. It’s such a hodge podge of stuff most people aren’t going to be interested in all of it. I’d be willing to split it up. Does $20 shipped sound reasonable for 1 of the Aromamizers?

Pending sale on Crown Coils and 1 of the Steam Craves.

@TorturedZen has dibs on the last Steam Crave if he wants it for the $20, otherwise the 2nd will still be available.

Pm’d you…

UPDATE: Both Aromamizer’s and Crown coils are sold. Everything else still available.


Looking for best offer…reasonable or not, all considered :smiley:

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