WTS - SOLD ! Therion 75C Black Black Carbon PRICE DROP!

SOLD !!!

I purchased this from Element vape on November 1, 2017 …
Perfect in every respect, I am selling it only because I need smaller mods for my 15w MTL style.
It is a great device and perfect for the vaper using higher wattages than I do.
It is just sitting on my shelf, never used, just because that’s me.
Maybe you can use it?

Price Drop to -->$89 shipped from California USPS Priority

Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C TC Box Mod


is it bc its a DNA or low watts ? just wondering how/why it doesnt fit your vaping style …

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I am just a 15watt MTL type and this is over kill for me.
I never use it, so it needs a new home.
If you are a 40-75 watt DL type it would be perfect !!!


This is a very nice mod, great looking too. Hope it finds a good home :slight_smile:


Would love to take it off your hands but I think the postage costs to the UK would be too high.
Nice device though and good luck finding a new home for it!

Sorry- Now SOLD

OK, another PRICE DROP ! Now $75 including Priority Ship in USA. I guarantee this mode to be perfect or you can return for full refund. -Peter (PM me if interested…)