I don’t like the Bellus. I already traded one and I’m trying to get rid of the other. It lacks the flavor production I like. I’ve tried 4 different builds and none were satisfactory for me. Tons of vapor but little flavor.

It’s not even close… Mutation MT by a mile.

I don’t have the Ohm Mega.

arent you one state away from me?

Middle Tennessee

Thanks mate you’ve just made my mind up. :+1:

i’m in louisville, ky
what you want for that tank?

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$20 and you ship. or trade Billow v2, Goliath v2. If you don’t want your TFV4 we can trade that and split shipping on a trade.

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how you wanna do it?

still new in the box?

It’s been opened but everything is still new and complete. It’s got a .06 ohm Ti build in it. I never finished the 1st tank. I cleaned and boxed it up.


i’d rather just pay you the cash, no trade…wanna ship it to me, tell me total with shipping and i’ll send you the money?

Ok, do you have PayPal?

its kinda funny you said that just now…i brought my Billow v2 AND my Goliath v2 to work today, lol…

yes sir, i do

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OK I’ll pm you when it’s ready.


Knoxville here. :sunglasses:

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