WTT a IPV 4s for flavors

My IPV 4s does have some Knicks from dropping it and from using it . I had a skin on it so it does have some bad paint spots . It is still black just spots that are not as glossy .
A couple flavor that I need are FA cookie ,FW yellow , and TFA Bavarian cream. If you are interested let me know. Thank you

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I forgot to mention that it still works perfectly fine and I still have the original box . I also would consider VG , NIC , and bottles.

How about a 125 ml bottle of nude armor 100 mg nic for it? Brand new never been opened stored in the Freezer

Is that the PG NIC ?

It was PG, but I already traded it for some VG nic.
But I do have some flavors that I don’t use what type of flavor are you looking for. I’ve got a 120 of the following TFA lime, lemon lime, Oatmeal cookie and I think a couple more that I just don’t use anymore. All bottles have had only a small amount used out of them and were purchased at Wizard Labs. Let me know how much and what flavors and I’ll look through my stuff.
And I’m sorry for the slow response. I don’t know how I missed your post, I got a notification about it

It’s ok … Well due to the company going under I am just tryin to avoid buying flavors if possible . I will take some pics of the IPV 4s for you to check out . here is a list of flavors I would be interested. The don’t really need to be full bottles or even if you had a lot and wanted to get rid of like 5 or 10mls.
Type. Brand
Bavarian cream Any
Strawberry ripe TPA
Sugar cookie. CAP
Glazed doughnut. CAP
vanilla swirl. TPA

I wouldn’t mind trying some flavorah . This list is just to give you an idea of what I’m looking for . I’m pretty open to others though. Thanks

I have fa cookie, fa fresh cream, fw yellow cake and tfa vanilla custard also have extra cap cake batter, cap ny cheesecake, cap fudge brownie. How much of what are ya looking for?

I really need fa cookie the most but I would def be interested in all except cap ny cheescake . I would be happy with 10mls of each. I could use the flavors more than the mod. I priced the mod at around $25 to $30 because of the paint. as I said before it is still black just some spots are not as shiny. I will put some pics up of course. What do you think?

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