WTT/WTS - Flavors, TFV4 Mini Kit or Crown 2 in Black Want Cleito in Rose Gold

I have pif’d a lot of this stuff, but still have a few things left. I’m mainly looking for a Cleito rose gold tank and/or bubble tank and a better drip tip. Just put some generalized pricing, prefer trade.

Have a bunch of stuff willing to trade or sell. If you find anything you’d like, make an offer please. I will list some specific flavors and items that are from my wish list, but I’m sure there are many things I haven’t even thought of.

Flavors I’d like to try:
INW-lemon cake, creme brulee, rhubarb
OneStopDIY-Lucky Shot

Hardware Wish List:
Rose Gold Cleito

Flavors I have for trade. Most are missing maybe 10 drops or so. Will list next to it if more.

FA Pandoro 10ml Original Bottle
FA Blenderize Tutti Frutti 10ml (missing 1ml or so)
CAP Milk Chocolate Toffee 13ML Original Bottle
CAP Peanut Butter 13ml (missing 2-3ml) Original Bottle
CAP Cake Batter 15ml
TFA Ripe Banana 10ml
FA Bano Banana 10ml (missing 1ml or so)

Hardware I have:

Uwell Crown 2 in Black, like new, used about 2 tanks through it. Comes in box with all accessories, can include a .5 coil, but it’s V1, not the new ones.1 replacement glass for Nautilus Mini $3

1 replacement Hollowed stainless steel tank for Nautilus Mini $5

2 replacement glass for full size Nautilus tank. $3 each

2 Kanger Cartomizer dual coils 1.8 $2.00

1 Black TFV4 Mini, great condition, 9/10, used for 5 coils. Comes with replacement red seals for tank, 3 extra top seals for fill port, extra glass, shorty glass (back up kit purchased seperately), 1 shorty coil 1.8. $20

2 New Innokin iClear 16 Clearomizers with 1.6 coils. Blue and Yellow. $5



Which cuboid is it the 80 or the 150? OOPS nevermind I misread it I thought you had a cuboid and wanted to trade it away. If you know anyone I’ve got a Neptune Hybrid Mod I’d like to trade for a good regulated mod.

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Wanted to add Koolada to the list of flavors I’m interested in trying too :slight_smile:

I have a few of the flavorings you need. I’ll PM you.

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I’ve got a bottle of KeyLime, 120 ml and Lemon Lime 120 ml, both TPA with only 5 or so ml gone from each. Want to trade the ego one mega for them?

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I won’t use either of those flavors, but thank you. But if you want to paypal me $3 for shipping I will be more than happy to send it to you. I would love to give it to someone that would use it :slight_smile:

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send me your info and I’ll take care of it in the morning when I’m paying bills. Thanks a lot. wifey loves them really likes the color.

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Are the iSticks and Kanger Cartos still available?

I’m sorry the iSticks are gone. Still have the Kanger Cartos, they are the old mtl style, not for the sub tank, just making sure you know that.

The Nautilus tanks are gone, but still have the extra glass and sleeves.

Ego one is gone.

Cake Batter is gone.

OK, thanks. Not sure that the shipping would make it worthwhile. The iStick/cartos were meant as stealth spares.
Thanks you

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I updated the list to reflect current items. The pictures are the same though, couldn’t figure out which were which, I’m sorry.