Well, was waiting for another order… an order came but it wasn’t mine. This was hundreds of dollars worth of flavorings. Not the Cactus ans Super Sweet I ordered.

Upon telling the folks - they dropped my order in the mail overnight delivery. No questions asked.

They asked me to send the wrong order back to them… no worries. The mailed me a posting slip and away it went.

Shit happens. All fixed. Just noteworthy to highlight that the folks send me MY order BEFORE asking me to send theirs back to them

This is a proper company that has many flavors Nice river doesnt carry.

Expensive… but good company. Canada folks - heads up out the BC way

Kirk out


They are the best shop to order from in Canada, they have the best selection and you can get 5% off your order with the coupon code ELRecipes

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SWEET!! Thanks for letting me know my friend. Much obliged

Seems not only a good company but a good customer as well.
Many would’ve just kept the order worth 100’s of $$$.


Legally you can keep items shipped to you that you did not order because there was a time companies where shipping folks stuff because they didn’t opt out of some mailorder campaign (70’s?) …so they had to pass a law. Kudos on having a conscience. I have online businesses and have on occasion mixed up shipping labels (same zip code!) …painful lessons. Don’t think that company wasn’t having a panic attack as there was another customer who’s tracking showed their package “delivered”, and the Vendor handled it respectfully …so Good on ya Mate!



Thanks buddy. But, in this industry, I respect folks. Other than Fusion Flavours. That guy can just… GFHS

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