X Cube 2 - 1.092 FW Released

More fixes for SS TC support / NI fixes too:

  1. Improved the effect when working with stainless steel coils under TC mode, make it more stable and effective.

  2. Fixed the issue that actual operating temperature is lower than setting value when working with Ni200 coils under TC mode.

Apologies if this has already been posted. I’m not going to be the guinea pig, so I haven’t tried this yet.


mine will be here Thur!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! I already loaded the update software… haha


Give the beta updater a try if that’s not the one you are talking about. You’ll have it updated in literally a 10th of the time compared to the standard updater… that is if it actually updates. A few times it told me it was updated but wasn’t.

I know the feeling watching the USPS tracker. I like how they can send you text messages every time there’s an update to the shipment.

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Yay, gonna update it later! :smile:


I love the text and hate them it builds the anticipation!!!

When I saw your tracking it reminded me I have one I would like to share. I hate it when this happens. Oh the Federal government is just genius huh.