XCube 2 problems firing 0.1o and below in TC

Can you clarify what you mean by “Ti doesn’t even start to work until below 0.1 for you?” Firstly, the stupid cube 2 will only fire 0.1 about 50% of the time and 0.09ohms exactly never for me…but my DNA and IPV3 LI will fire that.

do you mean you don’t taste the difference til you get that low? Unless I am running 25Rs I don’t build my stuff that low because it chews up the batteries. But I do plan to try some 18ga Ti as a trial build in a freakshow RDA, just to play around. Am interested in hearing your reply.

The 30ga was just playing around too, but I like it. With the LiPo on the DNA it sure lights up fast. I’m rather fond of it.

Hmmm… XCube 2 minimum resistance is 0.1 in VW mode… I’ve built one at 0.08o before that worked in TC (which has a minimum of 0.06o)…

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Yeah, I noticed that but I’m definitely in TC. It reads 0.10, but after a few hits I have to unscrew the tank, wait 1, and screw it back in…and even then the TC pulses no faster than once a second…it is so, so lame.

Damn you @daath for making me pick it up again! (No seriously thanks for the idiot check.)

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I’ve had this happen on 2 occasions. It (xCube) would be reading my build correctly but go to fire and it would say Ohms Too Low. On both occasions I tried pulling the coil, fire without a coil, and then screw it back in. No go. And on both occasions I pulled the batteries, waited a few seconds then put them back in. Upon reboot everything worked fine. Seems the reboot by cutting power is a common thing with many Chinese made electronics.

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Cool…but do you get the vapor pulsing in time with the TC screen, like once a second?

I will do my best my mane experience in temperature control is ipv4 spec say .05/.1 in j ipv4s .05/.3 but will not work as good as my ipv4 in j mode when the closer to .05 the better it works temperature control is controlled buy ohms changing that is why we lock them in if put a build of . .21 in I will from time to time get dry coil when cotton is good and wet and then dry hit the next time .I have seen this over and over now I just removed a dual build out of my Goliath v 2 no dry coil reading no dry hit some times after filling it with juice I forget to open juice flow and the only thing that happens is I look at my mod to figure out what’s wrong to notice juice flow shut off .05ohms 35j 490 F cotton is fine so for me I see a direct link between ohms and watts and board
DNA 200 HAS a chart in nickel that shows the Powe swing from .05/.03 as the ohms go up the power is regarded down its like a balance point if you will I believe the DNA 200 has the ability this do to its amp draw to do the job bit better than some lot better than most with my sx330v4 board in titanium seems to get best flavor at .06/.08 I am still trying to dial it in but have builds in titanium that I like the flavor over A1 in standard mode and battery life is by far better in temp control just my thoughts at this point and change Daly

I picked up this mod because I am super lazy and didn’t want to pull a tank off another mod. I had my Crown tank on which is now double the resistance from before. I notice that this tank is pulsing twice as fast as the old rate under TC. So, I’m guessing their voltage sensing is either poorer or has a higher noise floor than the other guys. I think mine is now controlling better because it has more signal.

That would mean you other folks are running higher resistances? @daath, what sir, is your resistance?

Running a 0.08-0.1o dual Ti coils without issues :slight_smile:

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You had to add the smiley face huh? Sadist.

What do you think the odds are that they fixed the resistance measurement and broke the TC? ALL of my mods, including the cube, and meters read the same within about 0.002Ohms. Even that difference could be due to temperature.

It’s strange because when I had 1.092 the resistance was off all the time, but after I upgraded it was good…