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Xmas sales

@River_Supply_Co Will you guys have an xmas sale this year?


Unfortunately we will not be having a christmas sale, but there may be a sale at the start of the new year. :slight_smile:


Make the sale Jan 10th that would be perfect… ( my bday ) lol

Merry Christmas to the entire NR team


They’re prolly still recovering from Black Friday. :sunglasses:


If you hold the sale on …
Tuesday January 7
(Eastern Orthodox Christmas)
:santa: :santa: :santa:
…it could be a two-fer!


Ok, I’ll wait. Thanks.


The sale will be 20% off the first 20 hours of 2020. :slight_smile:

Thank you


That sounds great, thanks a lot.


I have a question that perhaps you could answer.

I mix everything at 4.5mg and use mainly mesh from .1-.2 ohms. I’ve been using Salt Nic for about 2 years now. I tried it out of curiosity and just kept using it. I know Salt nic was developed for high % use. Looking at your site I see you have Pure Nic and the Salt variation and there is a significant difference in price. My question is, would I even notice a difference between the two types at 4.5mg?


Good question, the main difference you will really notice is the smoothness of the product change. The salt nicotine is purposefully meant to be smoother when compared to regular nicotine especially in high strengths, but the same rules apply to the juice even at 4.5mg. You could switch back to regular nicotine, but it may be slightly harsher than what you’re accustomed to.

I have experienced in some cases that regular juice is easier to make more flavorful when compared to salt juice, but that can be subjective depending on the ingredients, personal preference, and especially the device being used to vape. Also, salt nicotine has been known to oxidize at a slightly slower rate than regular nicotine which is also a good characteristic if you like to save your nicotine for long periods of time.

All in all though, you could try to transition back if you’re looking to save some money when ordering, but the smoothness of the salt will be the main and possibly only noticeable change between the two.


Just saw this pop up…


I just broke out a bottle of regular nic that is 3 years old. I’ll give it a side by side comparision in the next day or two. I know that I’m no different than most people in that I can become accustomed to anything. I suspect a little throat hit might be a bit odd at first, but it’ll be ok.

What really is important here is that I’m planning my vape stash. We’re talking 15 years worth at my current standards, so if Nic Salt will, hopefully, hold up longer, then it’s an important consideration.

Thanks for the info.


Of course. :slight_smile:

Regarding the nicotine you are testing of 3 years you may experience a degradation in quality. Even if stored in a freezer just due to the natural process of oxidation and aging that nicotine undergoes within its lifespan. A freezer will drastically slow this process, but still degradation is possible. Just wanted to let you know in case the nicotine seems abnormally harsh when you’re testing, but still it is still vapeable and will deliver nicotine as intended. If I can help any further please let me know! :slight_smile: