Yami Vapor - Kemuri

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has been able to clone the Yami Vapor - Kemuri I just got a bottle from the vape store and would like to make it myself = save $$



Can’t help you with Kemuri, but I’m currently working on their Taruto :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey KiwiPete… ive yet to start diy-ing but just bought a bunch of stuff to start trying… id LOVE to recreate Taruto, esp if anyone has figured out a version that doesnt slay coils… im wondering if youve had any success with your Taruto recipe?? If you wouldn’t mind sharing recipe/ tips n tricks id be much obliged… thanks!!!


Welcome to the forums @MyasMommy. Maybe @KiwiPete will chime back in for ya!! Whats the flavor profile like for Taruto?


Welcome to ELR @MyasMommy. I’ve never had Taruto, so I can’t help in that regard.

Never hurts to drop some 411 on whatever you need help with …

Taruto e juice is a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard.


A simple search on the recipe side came in with theses.


@MyasMommy - Welcome to the forum! :grinning:
Haven’t played round with Taruto for a hot minute (2 yrs?) but has been on my mind lately. Made some interesting variations but nothing quite like it. It has a very unique flavor profile where everyone seems to get some thing a bit different. There are several recipes probably worth trying (I haven’t made any of them so can’t tell you whether they are any good - or close). Next round I basically will be playing with Pie Crust (OOO), Custard (FA) or Custard Pi (FA) - these FA custards have a slight lemon/citrus note to them (may up the lemon a tad with some Lemon Sicily and bolster some egginess with some Custard Premium (FA) There will be a small amount of banana - not sure maybe Banana Foster (TPA) or a Banana Cream (LA) with some Brown Sugar. For me Taruto is very much a sum of it’s parts, so it will be all about finding balance. Easiest way to start (if you have these flavors). Is use the recipe calculator and use the median amounts for every flavour and start adjusting your mix to your preferred taste from there.
Will probably try again in the next month or so and will try and update you then - If you don’t hear from from me just drop the question again in this thread. What ever you do or try have fun!