Yay me - mixed by weight!

I was eager to try my new fruit flavors and took the opportunity to mix by weight for the first time.

Being the procrastinator that I am, it took me almost a year to get what I needed for mixing by weight. Accuracy was a little bit off, but will get better with more practice. More importantly, I don’t have 16 syringes to clean after mixing! I did make a heck of a mess with the VG though. Maybe sometime in the next year I’ll get some squeeze bottles for the PG and VG.

Made four mixes with my new fruit flavors:
Key Lime Pie ; Bombies 'nana cream ; Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone) ; and Hazelnut Vanilla Custard

So far I have only tried the Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone…already made a second batch.

Now, what to do with these 200 syringes I don’t need anymore…


Grats! I just mixed up some Bombie’s nana cream as well. Save the syringes in case your scale goes kaput. :slight_smile:

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get about 10 of these, they are washable and reusable and come in handy for transfer into the mix on the scale.

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HA’za and sha’bang. Yay. Once you mix by weight you never go back.

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i ended up using my syringes to add my nic its the knly thing i still dont weigh

Yay You !!!

How was your accuracy off? Human error or scale error?

My scale arrives Monday… Trying to mentally prepare myself.

I buy those in a bag of 100 from amazon they work great

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Mostly human error. I would get close to the target weight and try to squeeze out one drop and getting two. Measurements weren’t too far off though, not enough to ruin a mix.

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:smile:… pretty sure I can see your house at the bottom of this photo.


@Steve-o_54 @CosmicTruth Those Pipettes are great for PG based liquids, they work with VG but it can be a slow process waiting for the liquid to be sucked in, obviously that depends on the size of the pipette, mine are 1ml but I draw the liquid in to the bulb


my advice is… take your time every time I rush a mix I over pour especially the PG
give your scale a chance to catch up as you’re dripping in the ingredients and also
calibrate your scale not every time but after a few mixing sessions


And if you are close to the weight you are measuring, give the scales a gentle blow - you may find you’re actually at the correct weight - sensitive creatures these scales :laughing::+1:


Nice Tip Lolly. I have the “really close” problem a lot :flushed:, and usually end up going over. THEN I gotta try to somehow suck 2 drops out of the mix :laughing:


lol I did that yesterday!:laughing:


Maybe we should start a club Steve-o.
We’ll call it the Two Drop Over club :joy:

LMAO yeah I like that Sax I call my mixing room theTwo Drop Inn