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I don’t want to be “That” guy, but I need help shopping as I’m at a loss, my inability to stomach people on youtube has hindered me in the sense that I don’t keep up to what’s new and good in the DIY world anymore, I have in mind, specific profiles I’m wanting to create, and I will list them. However, I will post my stash and show you what I have as I threw away my old stock because I didn’t trust it’s freshness and before you say, “They just lose potency” I’ll stop you there and say, “But I don’t want to use less potent flavours” So go ahead and give what I got a peek-a-boo, keep in mind I cannot work as I’m seemingly on the cusp of death, so money is tight - but I don’t want to go down without inhaling them sweet sweet pesticides.

Stash- :: Login e-Liquid Calculator - Give it a look if you want and I’ll get a cart made up. But I should’ve prefaced NO I AM NOT ORDERING MEDICINE FLOWER.

Profiles I’m looking to achieve-
A Custard Tart, non-lemon w/slight spice of cinnamon, pie shell up front with a nice eggy custard and an almost jammy/candyish Raspberry note… Thinking Pie Crust FA (might be TPA, get the two mixed up), Custard I’m cluless on, I have the new TPA one VCII and I’m thinking I could get it close to Capella’s VC1 with the use of Vanilla Swirl maybe? As far as Cinnamon, I believe FA Apple Pie has mainly a crust and slight cinnamon note to it, but for wanting to use what I have a little Capella Graham Cracker v1 to maybe give it a bit of a Golden texture with a noticeable cinnamon note. As far as Raspberry goes, I think what I have to use is Raspberry (Beryl) FA as far as I’m aware, this is pretty authentic to the real thing, but it’ll need a candy/jam note to give it some sweetness, What do yous guys figure?

Fruit flavours have never been in my wheelhouse, but started to like them because a shop I from online gives free bottles of juice with orders here, so I had my hands on some different profiles and kinda taken a liking to some of them…

Mango/Banana Smoothie… Now, I’ve done the shit out of yogurts, so I’m thinking more of a sweet cream base for these, I remember not minding VTA Smoothie Base but don’t recall if it was dairy based at all, but did not care for FLV’s attempt. Is it easier just to grab a 30ml of VTA or can it be achieved by stone with some other things? As far as Mangoes go, I have an assortment of FA’s new, Tried and True FLV Mango and maybe another one in there and I have my mind set on Bananas, which to me would have to be Banana Puree or even Soft Banana VTA… Thoughts?

Alright guys, get to work, together we can achieve a recipe that I will take the credit for and eventually show off on my youtube channel to my following to upvote the shit out of.


I would start with the Inw Rasp and the TFA Raspberry to get you started …with INW Custard and TPA VC 11 …

TFA Raspberry
INW Rasp
Cap GC
INW Custard

I would have to dial in the pct and see where this lands but its where I would start based on your Stash


Nice, thanks for the input dude


i would help more but this hurt me



That’s one of them Tax Contributor Concentrates.


I think that’s a great suggestion. I would consider adding Capella Blueberry Jam to it. In low concentrations it helps with the jaminess and the blueberry helps the raspberry to shine.


Ya probably gonna need a touch of Biscuit as well for some crust . If I remember correctly he did have biscuit