Yellow cake

Is vanilla cupcake and caker batter similar to Yellow cake ??? Please help thanks in advance :wink:


This is just my opinion. Yellow Cake is the most versatile/universal out of those 3 ingredients. It is mainly used to give a bakery/bready/cake base to your recipes. It’s sweet and fluffy tasting.

Vanilla cupcake is more of a vanilla sweetener with a hit of bready-ness, and I’ve never seen anyone use it as a base for bakery recipes. However, it’s good in it’s own right and is useful.

Cake Batter is hard to work with. It’s got quite a chemical smell/taste and requires quite a bit of steeping in my experience (2 weeks or more). I’ve had it ruin quite a few of my recipes so I tend not to use it. I’ve got a Suicide Bunny OB clone steeping right now that has Cake Batter in it, and it’s been 5 days and the chemical smell is still super strong. Leaving the cap off for over 24 hours didn’t seem to help. But some people around here use it just fine.

I would say get Yellow Cake and Vanilla Cupcake. Skip Cake Batter.

You can get details of all those flavors by searching here:

Click “Notes” after you find the flavor.

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Thanks Frank !!! I already have cake batter and cupcake wasn’t sure whether it would be useful to get some yellow cake …I love suicide bunny but sub for cupcake…would it taste better with yellow…how do you make SB??? if you don’t mind sharing… :wink:

I found the recipe I used here:

It’s listed as Original Bunny V2:

10% Vanilla Custard TFA
7% Cake Batter CAP
4% Sweet Cream TFA
4% Bavarian Cream TFA

Don’t get too excited though. I’ve tried all kinds of Mother’s Milk and OB clones. For some reason they have not been anything close to the original, or completely unvapeable. I’m just gonna let the one I made sit for a month or so and shake it everyday. Maybe it will be ok… who knows.

EDIT: I subbed TFA Vanilla Custard for CAP Vanilla Custard V1. Something about TFA’s version makes me wanna throw up.

Thanks again…the recipe I found was different… On I think don’t know how to give you the link sorry…happy vaping !!!
Found this on flavours on fb

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lol poor flavor west

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I would like to know where they got their info from. I don’t have very much faith in the article since there are no sources and it says:

“This does not mean the information is accurate or that you shouldn’t use these concentrates, it is just my opinion based on information gathered.”

In other words, “I probably made all this shit up, so you don’t have to believe it”.

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Lol probably. Theres loads of it flying around now since the “yellow cake” scandal.
It still wouldn’t stop me from using it. Remember we all used to smoke cancer sticks, so keep it in perspective. Scare monger’s.