Yep Gonna stick with vaping!

After watching this never going back to cigarettes!


Liked and thumbs up

but the side by side comparison at the end shows top of the ecig filter and bottom of cigarette filter. Granted he did show both sides of the vapor filter. But when showing the bottom of the vapor filter it was slightly out of focus. But clearly not as dark as the cig filter.

Also did notice tops of both filters were white…

But still a very good video.


Just showed my 88 year old father, who doubted everything I’ve told him about vaping.
He is no longer a doubter!
Thanx for sharing. :nerd_face:


You might want to show your dad this one too:


Wow… I was literally gagging as I watched that. Uhhhhg… To think, I did that to myself for 40 years!!! Thanking God for vaping. #vapingsavedmylife


Yeah, I wasn’t 40 years but well over 30. It’s disgusting to think - or well, to wonder what I was thinking. I don’t know if we’re out of the woods where smoking related diseases are concerned, but I sure do feel good about being an ex-smoker!!! Thank God for vaping indeed.


Yea me too 43 years I just hope I didn’t quit too late it makes me sick to think I did that to myself and was so addicted that I didn’t care what I was doing to myself disgusting!:frowning_face:

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