Yes, Skully needs help:

I am looking for back-in-the-day Mechanical Tube Mods. I am finding myself looking for old school tube mods. Is there such a thing that still exists for a decent price. I am not looking to break the bank here. I am looking for mods that have a great throw and are very reliable. Is there anything out there that fits that bill?
1.) Do not know what I am really looking for.
2.) Need advice of good throw mods.
3.) Willing to by used if you are willing to sell. (DM/PM me if willing.)

Thank you in advance for your help in this endeavor…


Are you looking for sub $100 or $100-200 or above? That may help with the responses here.


Below 100 would be ideal, but not totally outing up to 200.


Been eyeing the Purge Slam, VGOD PRO’s, and even some clones.

So specs I am looking for:
1.) good throw.
2.) 24 to 31 mm in Diameter.
3.) Color’s Black, SS, Gold, Copper, Camo
4.) Single 18650, 20700, 21700 battery operated.
5.) Consistently hits hard.
6.) Quality. (Not looking to replace once bought.)


Go for purge slam. It’s excellent


I dont know shit about mech tubes but check out this for ideas
Its my local vape shop so shipping could be interested, but hey they got lots of shiny shiny tubes.


I’m not a tube person but if I did get one I would get a keen or the latest from Kennedy


Hey Skully, I second @Chrispdx recommendation on the Keen. I also would look at the Dreamer. Less than $100 on either design and if you use code “vapeonfriends” you should get 10% off too. Shipping is free over $60 as well. All the specs are here:

I have 6 Dreamers and 2 Keens. I love them. Great quality and performance for the price. Ships from Texas.


Hey @Skullblade789 scratch the vgod from your list (you get what u pay for). I second @adary - I have 3 slam pieces on the desk and they are excellent if you want a series I have both the side piece (harder to find) and the stacked piece and they are super well built and extremely hard hitters (the stacked piece needs batteries that have protruding + buttons so it makes it hard to use 30t with it. I made a small insert so they contact each other)

Other mechs that should be looked at
Vaperz cloud XXX
Vaperz cloud Sarov
Trinity Glass Intercepter
Deathwish Modz (any of their stacked or singles)

I could keep going but the above are my favs


I have the same issue with the vapor giant. Had to get creative so I repurposed an adapter from 18650 to 2x700 (copper button in it) to make it work. Only 26650 batteries I can get locally are the flat top ones and the mod was built for protruding + button batteries

Kennedy are generally very good (I have the vindicator and like it a lot) but all Purge tubes I tried were top notch (Tried both single and stack slam pieces)