Yogurt (FA)

Hello everyone.
Recently i’ve tried blueberry yogurt recipe http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/969641/blueberry%20yogurt
And i absolutely love how is FA yogurt tastes.
I want to make this with other berry flavours that i have and i need help with recipes.
I have Strawberry Ripe (TFA) Strawberry (FA) Blueberry (FW) Black Currant (FA) Forest mix (FA)
Also have 2 peaches (FA) Pear and Raspberry all FA.
Tried to seek recipes with yogurt but couldn’t find any.

There are 76 public recipes containing yoghurt.


As @Josephine_van_Rijn showed, when you pull up the specific flavor in the Flavor List, the last banner on the bottom is Recipes. Simply click on the banner and you will see a list of public recipes that can be listed by Recipe Name, Author or Rating. I prefer to sort by rating, and then take a look at the top four or five recipes to see if anything grabs my fancy. If I find one or two that I’ve got about 2/3 of the concentrates needed, I then go into My Flavor Stash to see if I can substitute any flavors that I own for ones that are missing. Another way I like to “stumble” on a recipe is to mash two or more recipes that I’ve only got about half of the flavors needed. So far, I’ve only had one “bad” flavor, and I think it was the Exotic Fruits(INW) that made everything taste horrible.