Yogurt - Mountain Oak Vapors runs GC/MS on FW Yogurt which shows DA & PA

Has anyone heard this or read about it; not sure if this is true: http://imgur.com/w6b2WGf

This is being shared on FB groups as legitimate however, just checking to see if anyone here has read about it or can verify more?

Mountain Oak Vapors exchanges emails with FW rep. about Yogurt NOT containing DA nor PA yet finds it in the GC/MS analysis.


Thanks ! Good to know / avoid.

I’ve seen it . I vape custard and yogurt and couldn’t care less…it’s the quantities that should be concerning and not the prescence , but I guess the issue is flat out lying about it

I agree, I personally do not worry about it, but if my customers are concerned and this is true, then they need to be informed.

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A little update here; nice to see them respond.

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