Yostatech Livepor80, an underappreciated mod

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These Yostatech Livepor80 VTC kits were sourced from Yostatech!


The LivePor80 has been on my desk and in my pocket for a while now, and this review is well overdue.
Given the fact that the LivePor, or rather the IGVI 2 tank on top of it, uses ceramic coils and I’m not fond of ceramic, I went into this review with a rather sceptical view.
The fact is that Yostatech is not a famous brand, but that doesn’t mean this mod shouldn’t be looked at. In fact, it’s often the lesser known brands that innovate.
I’m not saying the LivePor will cause a revolution in the industry, but it does have a few things that are very well thought out.

So how does it perform?
Let’s have a look!

Yostatech Livepor 80 VTC


  • Single 18650 battery powered
  • 80W maximum power output
  • Temperature control for Ni, Ti and SS
  • Mechanical Mode
  • IGVI 2 tank included
  • 3 coilheads included; 0.5ohm kanthal, 0.5ohm ceramic, and 0.5ohm ceramic melt with tungsten
  • 3ml capacity
  • Available in red, blue, silver and black


The box the LivePor comes in is simple but efficient, it depicts the mod in black on the front of the box and a logo in the top right corner immediately gives away that there’s a ceramic coil inside.
On the back of the box is a word about the making of the mod and what it does, as well as the contents of the box. A tickbox lets you know which color of mod is inside.
Opening the box reveals the mod sitting in a white foam insert, with a spare coilhead next to it, as well as the IGVI 2 tank.
Lifting the foam insert out by the handy ribbon will reveal the usermanual, warranty card, vapeband, blue screwdriver (yaay!), spare glass, spare driptip glass, spare o-rings, a USB charging cable, a card with photos to replace the cotton on the tungsten RBA, the Tungsten RBA, and a little box of Japanese Cotton strips.
Loads of stuff, and as you can see on the photos; the vapeband is pink and says “It’s not smoke, it’s vapor”. Fun detail, though pink really isn’t my color.


So the brand isn’t one of the big players, but does that mean you should ignore the mod in favor of a big brand?
No, not at all. In fact, the LivePor80 gave me quite the surprise in both performance and build quality.
It’s a tad on the heavy side for a single 18650 device and it does have a few quirks I don’t particularly like, but it does what it says on the tin.
I would even go as far as to say this mod could’ve been made by Joyetech or Wismec. (It isn’t though.)

Let’s start by looking at the basics.
In powermode it can do anywhere between 1W and 80W, coming from a single 18650 battery.
80W is the maximum I would push out of a single battery, and it should be plenty to power any tank you put on the mod (with exceptions of course).
Measuring the mods output showed me two things; it does 79.4W at best, and it does so in a very balanced way.
Having said that, the mod does suffer a bit from loss of batterylife when you’re pushing it to 80W. It does a lot better in terms of batterylife when you keep it to a more moderate 50W.
Logically speaking, every mod will suffer from this because the batteries we use have a very limited capacity and drop their voltage as it empties.

In temperature control mode, which it has for 3 kinds of alloy, it will fire down to 0.06ohm.
It will recognise and regulate for Ni, Ti, and SS alloys, which makes it a very complete package.
Comparing the various temperature modes with a DNA200 board, I found that the LivePor does a very good job at regulating Ni and Ti, but the SS seems to be lacking a bit of punch.
Odd but not entirely unexpected, the same happened with the Innokin CoolFire TC18650 and even the Coolfire TC100.
It’s a small inconvience, it does the job but deviates slightly. I can live with that honestly.

The interesting bits comes with the tank that is included in the kit.
The IGVI V2 isn’t exactly the best looking tank outy there, but the performance is surprisingly good.
It has a nice and open airflow that allows for comfortable direct lung hits, it provides plenty of flavor due to the relatively short chimney, and it puts out quite a bit of vapor too.
Overall it’s a really nice tank, it’s just not pretty.

As I said in the packaging part of the review, the box states that it has ceramic coils inside.
And that’s where things get interesting, there’s a ceramic RBA included that uses Tungsten melt instead of the regular Kanthal.
The Tungsten melt is basically a coil fused into a ceramic cone around which you can wrap your cotton.
Rebuilding it isn’t exactly hard, but it’s not easy either. The small size is what makes things a bit fiddly and sometimes even frustrating to rewick.

Filling the tank was also one of the more frustrating parts, it has a side filling system that is hidden behind a rather thick topcap.
The topcap needs to be screwed off of the tank to be able to reach the hole, and that’s where the frustration came into play.
The tank, much like the mod, is coated in a shiny, smooth, and fucking slippery paintjob. Since the topcap is held in place by threading and 2 o-rings, the topcap doesn’t move easily.
This is an advantage if you’re carrying the mod around, but it’s a definite disadvantage when you want to unscrew the topcap to fill up the tank.


Like I said above, the mod is coated in a very shiny and very slippery paintjob.
As someone who used to work in automotive paint (a loooong time ago), I can say that the coating is a very sturdy one and won’t chip easily.
But it does have its disadvantages, like the fact that it attracts fingerprints and dust like crazy, or the fact that it’s as slippery as a used condom. (Yes, I realize that is a very weird comparison.)
I’ve toyed with the idea of sanding down one of the mods and applying a matted coating to it to improve on grip, but I’m not going to. Mainly because I lack the time, but also because it would be a shame about the original paintjob.

Moving passed that, there’s more to this mod than just the paint of course.
The buttons for example are molded plastic, and sit very slightly raised above the surface.
Despite being plastic, they feel very solid and there’s not a hint of rattling from the mod.
The buttons have a nice pronounced click to them and so far they have yet to fail me.
Due to the shape of the LivePor, the buttons are extremely easy to reach with either thumb or indexfinger.
In between the buttons is the big display, and when I say big I mean it’s big.
It takes up about half of the spine of the mod and is unfortunately protected by a mirror finish.
That’s the only downside to the display, because it’s bright and easily readable otherwise. In direct lighting though, the mirror finish just gets in the way.

The shape of the mod is something I want to touch on briefly, because it really is a great design.
The mod is rounded on two opposing sides, making the topview sort of a double drop shape.
It doesn’t just serve as a nice aesthetic addition but is also very functional. It makes the mod very comfortable to hold, and gives it a bit more grip.

Pros and Cons.


  • 80W, fairly accurate
  • Small and easy to conceal
  • Temperature control is accurate
  • Batterylife is not bad at moderate wattage
  • Tungsten RBA has very long lifespan (Going on 2.5 months now with moderate use)
  • Very simple to use
  • Complete kit is complete


  • Shiny paintjob is slippery as fuck
  • Driptip is too wide
  • Mirror finish on the display
  • Tungsten RBA is frustrating to rewick sometimes
  • Refilling mechanism is hard to loosen

In conclusion.

The Yostatech LivePor80 is a well built and well designed mod, it has a few quirks but nothing that really hinders the viability of the mod.
Despite the Yostatech name not being as well known as let’s say Smok or Innokin, this mod could be a good contender in the single 18650 segment of the market.
It performs very well, it’s a complete kit that is suitable even for starters and it even comes with a coilhead that can be rewicked.
Overall I’d say this mod is a nice addition for anyone looking for an easy carry. It can provide you with a decent vape while maintaining a low profile.
Would I get another one if these two broke down? Probably, yes.

In closing I would like to thank Yostatech for sending out the LivePor80 kits!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at the Smok TFV8! It promises to be a cloudy day!

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Great write up/review. Thanks. :facepunch::smiley:


It looks nice,hope to get it if I buy the mod next time.:clap:


great review,thanks!

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I have one of these in Red that I am enjoying but the question of the day is where to buy the coil and or coil parts to keep this tank going? I have emailed Yosta and sent Facebook messages and haven’t got a reply.

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Someone on Reddit asked the same question, I emailed Yosta about it and they said Fasttech was picking up the coils for this tank asap.