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You can now export your recipes to CSV

There’s now a rudimentary export to CSV-functionality There are two links below your recipe list on “My page”: “Export to CSV” and “Export to CSV (one per line)” - they do what they say :wink:

I might polish this at a later time, and expand with export to XML, EJMU and other formats…

Happy vaping!

EDIT: Export now also has the recipe URL!


Awesome deal. Tk you for making it easier


Even with the flu yer kickin @$$!


Great news! Your work on maintaining and improving this site constantly amazes me. Thank you for your efforts Lars.


so how do we get a recipe over there? does it just send your whole page?

Not sure what you mean… Both exports gives you a CSV with all your recipes with all your ingredients…

what is csv?

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A Comma Separated File is a type of text file readable by spreadsheet programs :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks, Lars. You rock! :slightly_smiling:

Now that’s good news! Thanks a lot, Lars!


Took me a minute to remember how to change the separator character* to a semi-colon but I’m there now…
Thank you.

*For anyone else who has forgotten, in Windows select Regional and Language Options from your Control Panel and change the List separator to a “;”

Right-clicking the file, and choosing “Open with” > “Microsoft Excel” worked for me :slightly_smiling:

I guess your separator character has already been switched to a semi-colon?

It’s far more sensible to use a less common character - I’d imagine commas within the notes would cause lots of problems. Years ago we’d use an upright bar character (ascii 124) that’s not available from keyboards unless you have a clue.

Not sure if it works the same on a windows machine, but excel for the mac if you open a new spreadsheet, then import the csv, you can choose separators.

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Thanks Lars I’m sorry your sick I hope you feel better soon ! I don’t think this will work for google chrome book but that’s ok.

I haven’t tested - My daughter has a ChromeBook, I’ll test it at some point…

I found this regarding CSV and google docs - but for ChromeBooks specifically I found this… Not sure if it helps…

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Export now also has the recipe URL!


Way Over my head in computer talk. When I use the link ( both I tried ) it puts them on the spreadsheet but it is not consistent with the lines meaning if the recipe is longer than one line it just flows over to the next line and it ends up looking like a whole page of a paragraph ? IDK how to explain it but it isn’t tidy and distinct to each row per recipe.

It’s actually a semicolon separated list. If your spreadsheet has separator options when you open it, be sure to set it to semicolon.

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I was able to get the list in order by using the file options…Lars put up some info on one of his messages to me and the first link was able to explain what I needed to do and it worked well. Thank you thou !