You know you’re a newbie vaper when (YKYANVW)

Ok, I kinda stole the theme, but as a newbie vapor myself there are many things I have learned in just a few weeks of vaping. I hope this helps some of the newbies learn from my (and other’s) mistakes, and I’m sure you all have plenty to add.

  1. You get your first mod and tank and fill it up with e-juice and start vaping away.
     Pretty soon it starts tasting like crap, burns your throat and you wonder why anybody enjoys vaping. 
     (Nobody told   you how to prime your coil…duh)
     Note: I did not do this, but a friend did.
  2. One of the first e-juices you buy is tobacco flavored. 
     You think this is the right choice as you are a smoker trying to  quit…wrong for me. 
    Cigarettes taste like crap and so does tobacco flavored e-juice. Edit: for me.
  3. Your brand new tank come with two coils, a .4 ohm installed, and an extra .2 ohm coil. 
     You think you want to start vaping with a lower number coil and switch to the .2 ohm coil 
     cuz you think it must vape  cooler…wrong.
  4. When you fill your tank with e-juice, you fill it to 99.999% of capacity thinking more is better right? …wrong.
     75% full works better. I think it needs the air pocket to breath and wick better.
  5. You think that blowing big thick clouds is over rated, mainly just for vapeomaniacs. kinda wrong, 
     once you get the hang of mixes and lung inhales, your clouds will get bigger.

This is a good start I think. I am sure there is plenty more to add.


i agree completely with this statement


[quote=“Daven, post:1, topic:132687”]
taste like crap…tobacco flavored e-juice.[/quote]

Your vaping the wrong tobacco e-Liquid then.


No its just his opinion as well as mine , im not a fan of Tobacco juices either so i get it @Daven


That is not how it is stated. I think that strawberry vapes are crap, when I start a topic warning noobs away from strawberry vapes it is not just an opinion.

Many people have quit smoking with tobacco vapes. If there were none around, this lady would be smoking again. So please @Daven edit your post to make it clear it is you that doesn’t like them and not a universal fact.


of course its an opinion , just like you not liking strawberry is an opinion regardless how its stated its an opinion .


fixed it for you




You forgot the burning feeling in your lungs because you vape WAY WAY too much trying not to be a smoker.


Shorting your coils is pretty common …

Stuffing cotton in your air flow holes … Try making sure when rta and rda it doesnt block it to max your hit power.

Not cleaning your atomizers…

Assuming your coil last forever… Even when it taste like smoke from a burnt toaster .

But after mistakes you learn … Most mods are build differently so it takes a few times or more getting the right hit .

Never re wrapping your battiers when they are damaged… It causes shorts and bigger problem.

The better you take care of it and clean it the longer the flavors in your vape.will taste clean …
Residue still builds in the atomizer that hot water just cant rinse off … I recommend pipe cleaners and scrubbing if youve kept your atomizer for a while and keep getting a bad aftertaste in your smoke.

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You know you’re a noob when after a year of having a top filling tank, you still forget to to close it before you start vaping or put it in your pocket for later.*

  • Posted for a friend :flushed:

Buy an exotic wiz bang wire only to find you don’t own an atty with a big enough build deck to put it in. Yup, that was me. Now I own two Pharaohs.


I am not a newbie. But I considered to write YKYANVW ( N for “not” not for newbie)
If you go to a 2 days visit with 1 month supply


Are you kidding I thought I was alone…LOL I go to the Amusement park for the day and have 2 mods, extra batteries for both and at least 6 different liquids with me. My Vape friends think I’m nuts and can’t believe I have so much with me as they are drooling over my liquids and wanting to try this one or that one…LOL


How well I remember! :joy:

Everyone else’s wicking v.s. Mine
(in photo form)



You have a hole in the back of your head the size of an rda.