Your Exit Strategy

Ive wondered if anyone has a date to quit vaping ? or if you think you will … what are your plans , do you feel you will or should ???


A few days before the cremation, I would guess.


I have no plans to quit vaping at this point. I enjoy the hobby aspect of it too much. Truth be told, I didn’t want to quit smoking. When I found out that my health insurance was going to cost me an extra $300 a month for both the wife and I being smokers, I started vaping and quit smoking in 2 days.


Take it as it comes. Right now I am still addicted to nicotine although at a level substantially lower than before I vaped. Ultimately, I can envision a day where a vape is something that contains zero nicotine and is a “take it or leave it” choice sitting at home. I don’t know how realistic that is as I’m sure there are other addictive “habits” involved and it could be a completely quit or always have around scenario. It is actually quite seldom that my vape is an encumbrance. I have a show at U of M (Michigan) tomorrow where this may be the case but that is rare. I am not concerned about the nicotine addiction, as it is at worst, cumbersome.


I don’t have any plans to quit any time soon. Like @NChris, I love the hobby of it all. It’s one of the things I can do where creation isn’t beyond my capabilities (I’ll take what I can get). Besides, I just quit caffeine last week and lowered the salt intake. I can’t quit any more vices or I’ll go insane.


I have no set plan. But I’m slowing down on buying shit that’s for sure. I just added two more goons (making it total of 6) so I’m good there and I have enough mods that I can wait for a good sale or the what’s next level innovation.


As everyone else here, I like the hobby aspect. It kinda relaxes me after work.

I m down to 0 mg (last 3 weeks) nicotine but I still like mixing. I just got a order of wires, tools and what not in, and would like to learn building.

I like hardware too, so yeah no exit strategy for me or at least not soon.


i also feel the same way about mixing and learning , i think for me the hobby part is what keeps me going . Im not sure i need to quit anytime soon or later …


For me it will be a few days after.


Great topic


I loved smoking (stinkers, pipe, cigars whatever I could burn and enjoy) if I quit vaping probably in a few days I’d light a pipe up or a nice cigar… (got a few expensive ones hidden away from my sight)

At the end… I better not quit vaping!
It’s a fantastic hobby and I love mixing and tinkering with mesh and atomizers, a lot more then smoking.… :joy::rofl:


In the same boat. Having too much fun to quit (lol addict for sure). After having bought waay too much equipment, have toned that down for sure.


Exit strategy? hmm…

Never. I will always have flavors, in fact, I have more than enough to last a few lifetimes :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really have an exit strategy. For me vapeing is more of an long term alternative to smoking, than simply a way to stop smoking.

I currently have about 2-3 years supply of nicotine in the freezer, when I begin to get low, I guess I will evaluate this and either switch to 0 nic, stop vapeing or buy more nic, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.


We went from 27mg to 12mg to 9mg and have now reduced all our mixes to 6mg. so the end is coming, and it seems automatic.
I too love the hobby aspect and hope to get into RDA’s soon, and hopefully even DIY vape MOD’s.
The object has become being completely self sufficient, spurred by FEDS regulations and the upcoming Zombie apocolypse.


I’m down to 2 mg/ml nic, but honestly I don’t see that dropping any further. I like mixing my own juices, I love building my RTA’s and quite enjoy the sensation of vaping. My lungs are better than when I was smoking, my heart is better and I don’t reek like an overflowing ashtray. All in all, not a bad trade so I think I’ll stay where I’m at.


I’m certainly not changing anything. Took me three years to assemble good hardware, my perfect build, 3mg nic (salt for smooooooooothness), and some really nice recipes. I didn’t do all that to just give it up! I don’t ‘have’ to use nic, I like to. And I don’t ‘have’ to vape, I want to! Try taking that away from me and we’re gonna get sideways fast.


Exit strategy? Not for me, thank you!



Like the most of you , I love the hobby, everything about it, always learning and experimenting with flavors to make that unique vape. And I got the shinyitis thing for new vape gear. And building coils. And just being surrounded by bunch of great people.