Your favorite cereal Milk base

Hey ELR, hope everyone is doing well !

I’ve been experimenting with cereal vapes for a while now and I thought it would be a good idea to ask you guys what your favorite milk base for cereal recipes is. IMO it’s the toughest part to nail down in cereal recipes and I haven’t been too satisfied with my results so far. I want to replicate the actual taste of milk, not just cream.

I guess I’ll go first. What I’ve been using lately is:

1.5 to 2% TFA Sweet Cream as the base
1 to 1.5% TFA Dairy / Milk for the main milky note
1 to 1.5% FA Fresh Cream to support the TFA dairy
1% FA Meringue to round everything off and sweeten it

I have noticed that CAP Graham Crackers really contributes to the milk flavor and kinda “links” the milk to the cereal.

This combination usually tastes quite nice and to me it mimics milk flavor well. It stands its ground well against other cereal ingredients and is not overpowered easily.

Howeverrrrr, about 5 days after mixing every juice I make with this combination turns to an absolute mess of bland, flat, and sour dissapointment.

I have yet to get my hands on FA’s new condensed milk flavor. I’ve also tried combinations involving FA Vienna Cream and TFA Vanilla Swirl but they just don’t give me the Milk flavor I’m after.

What about you guys? Has anybody out there been successful in the eternal quest for the white nectar??


I like:
Dairy Milk (TPA) 2%
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2%
Malted Milk (Concentrate) 1%
Marshmallow (TPA) 1% (more or less depending on how sweet I want it)

You can also add 1-2% Bavarian Cream (TPA) or (FW) for a more creamy note.
If you want a REAL heavy and VERY RICH cream note, Italian Cream (Hangsen) is wonderful. No more than 2% though. It can over power a dairy mix.

I have Condensed Milk (FA) but I haven’t used it in a mix yet.


Hi bradslinux
I’ve been messing around with cereal based recipes for a while and some of the flavors I’ve been using for the milky/cereal grainy balance have been:

  1. TPA Toasted Marshmallow- smooth rich and thick with a slight graininess about it.
    ( 1-2%)
  2. FA Caramel - this is a fantastic dark sweetener, like brown sugar that marries well with the toasted marshmallow to create the milk base.
  3. FW Yellow Cake- this is a very good cake/cereal taste that also adds a graininess, or a white flour component to a mix.
  4. FW Hazelnut- this is the best hazelnut IMO, it so creamy.
  5. TPA AP(Acetyl Pyrazine)- this flavor gives the mix a great grainy nutty flavor. Use in low percentages to avoid a griot corn chip taste.
    My favorite milk base is:

2% TPA Toasted Marshmallow
1% FA Caramel
Then add 1 drop of AP per 10mls to get the left over grainy milk


@bradslinux I’m still learning. Trying biscuit, rice crunchies, and AP but seems that my creams may be muting the grainy full flavor not of the crunch. I am using mix of Bav Crm and Swt Crm. Both seem too full. Only 6 months in…but I have poured the APyrazine to it til it was…TOTALLY MUTED BUT BURN TASTE. I have not tried these…will have to give it a whirl…THANKS GUYS.

does this have a grainy taste…Never tried M Milk or D Milk…but what else do you use. I wish I could see your recipes…New and don’t know how to see them without a recipe name. I have heard of stones…I am trying to learn. Trying to get a french toast crunch. A friend/distributer gave some suggestions but think my creams are thick. That AP should give it grain. Never tried it apart from cream…I will try with fruit just to test. Thanks.

Hey Vapedt try using TFA Captain Cereal at around 2 to 3% or Cap Sugar Cookie at 3 to 4%. In my experience those two flavorings really do make the grainy feeling come through in cereal recipes.
Also, I would avoid using A.P. at anything higher than 1%. Try these ingredients without any added A.P. first and see if it works for you, Goodluck !

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Hey bradslinux thanks for your tips ! I finally got my hands on a bottle of HS Italian Cream. Out of the bottle it smells creamy, heavy, and most importantly quite milky.

I’ve mixed up a batch of1% Italian Cream along with 1% TFA Sweet Cream, 1% Dairy / Milk, and 2% FA Fresh Cream then added some FLV Cinnamon Crunch. I did not find that I was quite there yet with the milk flavor.

Next try is gonna be to increase Italian Cream to 2%, keep fresh cream at 2%, completely cut out Sweet Cream and Dairy / Milk, and maybe add 1.5% of Cap Graham Cracker in there. I might also try a combination of TFA Baravian Cream at 2% and Italian Cream at 1.5% with 2% FA Fresh Cream.

The only marshmallow I have is FA and I don’t wanna incorporate any of it into the recipe before I come up with a satisfied base milk flavor.

Thank you all for your posts. Keep sharing !

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