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Cool. That was fast, 1 day and there is even a tracking number. Man, I LIKE these guys. Day 3 - ok let’s see when my highly anticipated, exciting doodad is scheduled to arrive; Electronic preshipment information received by post office, delivery date unknown. Day 4 - shipping label printed, delivery date unknown. Day 5 - Package received by post office. Day 6 - Package has left the post office and is in route to the destination. Man, I HATE these guys…

Those guys are annoying! ;D

Name ‘n’ shame? :wink:

My last order from FastTech took 11 days to get from ‘despatched’ to being received by the shipper…

My last order from Fasttech, was on January 13, 2016. It still hasn’t left Fasttech. They didn’t bother to tell me they were out of stock when I ordered. Site shows ETA for my item to arrive at their warehouse is 02/19.

I hate my life… (not. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Very annoying when that happens, especially when another supplier has stock ready to ship.

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Best to just forget about it and buy something else right away. That way you have something to play with til your other toys arrive :smiley:

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Oh, I did get another TFV4 awhile back, but have since given it away. :slightly_smiling:
Can’t help it. I really love to help others quit smoking!

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Yeah, I just bought a Kanger Sub-Box Nano kit for a friend trying to quit. It makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy don’t it =)