Your site doesn't load page totally on my end?

When I mix a recipe or open someones Page only partially loads. I tried to post a screenshot but says I can’t because I’m a new user. I am not a new user so There must be a bug running ah muck in the site. Thank you I guess I will have to mix elsewhere until things get worked out.

It’s because you’re a new user to the forum :slight_smile:

Try uploading it to and pasting a link here…

Sounds odd though - I’ve seen this before when Google Analytics loads slowly - has it been going on for a while or is it recent?

I have been here for atleast 6-7-8 months not sure exactly but not new I wouldn’t think.

I just logged on today and noticed it.

OK I had to clear those dreaded cookies and cache and now all is good.

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Good that it works again :slight_smile: Your screenshot didn’t tell me anything. Usually I look for “Waiting for…” down in the statusbar on the bottom left.