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Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit


The Cl (Cl3 to be exact in this case) in the molecular structure has nothing to do with it’s potential health risks. Cl aka Chlorine in it self is toxic yes, but here its a whole different molecule. Take NaCl as an example. This is regular table salt, and essential to the human body. the Cl alone doesn’t mean its toxic.



I don’t have any worries about using sucra in my juice, I just don’t like the way it gunks up my coils…
and some flavors also do it.

I agree. There is still a need for syringes, or other methods to use for very small measurements.
I mix my stevia just to use in an eye dropper.



So… does it work? I may need to buy some stevia powder because IMO my organic Stevia (Pyure) Liquid is not sweet at all. Wondering if you notice the vape sweeter using pure powder stevia?

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I don’t know if it’s any sweeter, but the pure organic powder, mixed in VG, doesn’t have the competing taste(s) with vinegar and citric acid.
The stevia stone [organic powder and VG] also adds to ‘smoothness’…even at a rate of 0.25%



I have noticed, for me anyway, that the Pyure Stevia does excellent at sweetening fruit blends, and I image coffees? But it doesn’t work very well in bakery and custard flavors. For those I’ve had much better luck with sucralose. But I also very seldom use sweeteners, so I’m not the most experienced with them either :slight_smile:

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Thanks, What percent is the Liquid Stevia (PYURE) best at, I had problems at first so I just add 0.2-0.5%, is that too low?

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I use .25-.5% depending on what I use it in. Harsher vapes like chocolate, blackberry, or citrus, I do .5%, and light fruits I use .25%. It’s all based on how sweet you like it though. You can always add more if it’s not enough. I would think 1% would be super sweet if that is what you are looking for, but I haven’t used it that high.

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I think at first I tried 3 or 5 % in some strawberry ripe and it soured the juice, I tried a second batch thinking i may have had a contaminated bottle and again it soured. So I threw out about 30ml ripe strawberry learning how not to use Stevia. I am interested in other suggested percents used, because I think this is a good additive not because it actually sweetens but the other ingredients (citric acid, vinegar) bring up fruits in the vape.

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 0.7% (Median: 0.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.1%
Maximum used quantity: 12.5% <-------- HAHA Dont use 12.5%

Single flavor recommendations: 2
Average quantity: 0.8% (Median: 1.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.5%
Maximum used quantity: 1.0%

Note: I wonder if my problem with strawberry may be that stevia raises the citrus fruits, and strawberry is not a citrus fruit?
Strawberries belong to the rose family with other fruits such as apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, blackberries and raspberries. Citrus fruits belong to the rue family.
this makes sense to me? can it be true?

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When you get time, can you combine the stevia/sucralose/etc threads together?
Seems it is getting spread thin and losing touch with itself…watered down and potency is lacking
and to follow the results between threads is becoming harder to maintain. Possible?


Simply as an FYI to all, and especially for the unfamiliar…

Pyure is just a product name, and comes in different forms, and with different ingredients.

As we already use so many acronyms in vaping, it is easy for someone, especially new,
to be misled into using the wrong actual product.Some definition should be included, such as an acronym
like Pyure LS, meaning (L)iquid (S)tevia, or Pyure PSE, meaning §owdered (S)tevia (E)xtract if you make your own stone. Pyure is usually sold at walmart in liquid, granulated, and powder…which should you NOT use?
You can usually find pyure at walmart.

Pyure powdered stevia = Ingredients: maltodextrin, organic reb A (stevia extract), natural flavor

Pyure granular stevia = Ingredients: organic erythritol, organic reb A (stevia leaf extract),

Pyure liquid stevia = Ingredients: water, organic stevia leaf extract (REB A), organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid

Pyure powdered stevia = Ingredients: organic stevia leaf extract (REB A)

The preferred pyure [Pyure] referred to on ELR is the 26ml bottle of liquid, although I also make a stone using the pure powder that has no additives.

The liquid is hard to dispense from the original bottle, as mentioned above in this thread. The best usage is to re-bottle it, and then use a MICROLITER syringe, not to be confused with a 1ml syringe, or an insulin syringe.

The stone can be made using one teaspoon of pure powder to 30ml of VG or PG, then mix very well.

You can make a stone with or without the apple cider vinegar and citric acid[lime or lemon juice will work], depending if you use it with fruits or other non-fruit mixes. I just make both.



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This is the one from wal-mart I use

Contains: Water, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric Acid.



Good point, thank you. I use and was referring to Pyure LS as pictured by @CosmicTruth.

Possibly? It would certainly be worth doing a couple tests on it to find out. The problem is the citric acid and vinegar in the LS. It does amazing things to some flavors, and not nice to others. Seems to work for me like that. Most people would not add vinegar to bakery or custard, unless making buttermilk. But we do squeeze lemons and limes on quite a few fruits to pop flavor or prevent browning. Like the apple you mentioned, we know they taste fine with lemon juice squeezed on them. So if apples are part of the rose family, I wouldn’t necessarily lump them together. And a lot of us will squeeze some lemon in apple or cherry pies before baking. So…more things to consider…hmmmm



Which threads? There’s only a million of them. LoL. The biggest problem in combining topics that have more than a few posts is that they actually tend to get less cohesive. If you catch them early, they can maintain flow. Otherwise you wind up with a garbled mess. Six in one, half a dozen in the other, ya know? PM links that you think need to be combined and I’ll have a look, though.

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Here is a tried and tested Pyure clone that is simple to make up.
It is also very useful for us Europeans who find the Pyure brand hard to come by, and also the fact you can adapt the ingredients to your own preference?

With regards to the Sucralose I like the Cap Super sweet and FW sweetener in mixes and like everything else it has it’s place dependant on your taste buds,
Been looking at getting some pure 100% Sucralose powder and combining it with the stevia powder and ethrytol powder to create a hybrid sweetener for my freakish sweet tooth! Hahahaha!

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I’m using the now brand better stevia as well. I couldn’t find the pyure brand here in Canada. So far it’s been great. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t burn through coils like sucralose. I was testing it in 10 ml batches and found that it should be kept under 0.5% or it just becomes overly sweet to a point where it ruins the flavour.



Yeah, it’s probably futile. I just didn’t know what tools you have even to search with.

We can still do our part to link between them, and I will keep my eyes open…maybe there are not as many as I think.



This is true for me…IF you are talking about the PyureLS, but I never see this with the plain stevia stone [PyurePSE or StevitaPSE] I mix mine in VG

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I changed the title of the thread in the hopes if people search for a sweetener name they come up with this thread also as there is some good info in this one as well. I hope you don’t mind OP? I can change it back if you would like :slight_smile:

Since there are so many newish sweeteners available now, and as @JoJo said combining them at this point would be confusing. I so love all the new info and products that come out as we continue to gain experience and knowledge of vaping, but boy it sure is hard to keep up!

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Ya dun goot…
Aside from all the things I’ve heard about you, you’re alright.
I still luv ya… :smile_cat: :smile_cat:

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Monk fruit extract is cool stuff. it’s super thick, will not burn or gunk my coils and very sweet. i’ll use 1-3 drops per 30ml if the liquid needs it