Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit

Does anyone else have problems with it? Seems the commercial juices these days are loaded with the stuff. If i vape anything with it in i get a headache and a bad sore throat. Thought id find out if other people have issues similar or not. Its not the biggest problem as 99% of the time i diy but still when i do buy a juice i cant vape it.

Sucralose is a substance the body can not process. Do not use it…


I, like the majority Commercial eJuice consumers, (which drives the commercial decision to use) like it …tastes like sugar to me …but I don’t use it for my DIY unless it’s already in a flavor (Marshmallow?). Many people here are using some form of liquid Stevia which is much more gentle on your cotton and coils, tastes good, is found over the counter or can be made yourself. Type Liquid Stevia up top in the search box and you can read hours of good info.

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I’m not a big fan of it at this point. Too sweet for me. Most of my juices are sweet enough with out it.

I wouldnt say it caused me issues. But the commercial stores pushed me quickly to DIY because lack of transparency, failure to take care of the customer, over pricing, failure to label bottles and their nic content correctly…ect ect ect.

All in all I think I only spent 2-3 months buying ejuice. Yup. Burned out the coils pretty quick because of all the addiditives… Now when I go back to Check out 2 of our 30 b’n’m shops I find everything too sweet and thick.


OK thanks, i ll have a look and read up what i can. I ll prob stick to no sweetener in my diy ventures. Just thought id see if i was in a minority with sucralose reactions. cheers for your help:+1:

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I don’t vape with it and I’ll probably keep it that way. I do use a metric ton of it a day though. I’m probably going to die of some horrific disease related to sucralose OD. LoL

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Thats a lot! LOL maybe cut it down to half a ton?

Yea should probably consider doing so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been working with Monk Fruit Extract, working out so far with heated steep then shake and Vape.

now that sounds interesting, where did you get that from?

Can one simply substitute Stevia for Sweetener when the recipe calls for it?
If so, should one use the same percentage?
That is, if the recipe calls for 2 drops TFA Sweetener per 10ml, can I use 2 drops Pyure Stevia instead? Or 1 drop, or 4 drops…?

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These Liquid Stevia products are made for sweetening your Iced Tea or coffee and the drops are much bigger than say from your 10ml flavor bottles. I think Stevia is actually a little more powerful/sweeter and many eJuice recipes hang around 0.5% which is about 1 drop per 10ml …but your next DIY lesson will be mixing by weight, and using “drops” starts to lose it’s validity/accuracy.


I mix by weight but it’s kinda tough to weigh out half a drop. :slight_smile:

But your comment is valid, so I’ll rephrase the question: If the recipe calls for 0.5% TFA Sweetener, can I substitute 0.5% Pyure Stevia? Or 0.25% or 1.0%?

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Nude Nicotine under stock liquids

Monk Fruit Extract

Also been working with Erythritol Solution (5%)

So far I’m loving them both as SNV. However I do have 10 60ml tests going of my preferred recipes waiting on steeping to complete. This will be the true test.


@Scottes777 I’d start with half of the Sucralose % You can always add more since steeping isn’t a factor Heh I have to confess I put 3 drops in a 30ml. I did 5 drops the first time and any spitback made a lasting sweet taste on my lips …that’d be too much, but the vape wasn’t too sweet. Stevia in a vape is possibly more forgiving than Sucralose. Most people are just using a product called Pyure, but I couldn’t find on the shelf at any store (of course you can just get online).

What I did find has worked well for me and requires no refrigeration (label) It’s Nowfoods Better Stevia “Glycerite” which is just organic Stevia in VG. 8 oz will likely last years (for DIY) and it was ~$7 US. I found it in the Healthfoods isle of an upscale grocery next to protein powders (smoothie ingredients?) They had more Stevia products in that area of the store than they had on the sugar aisle


Thanks BoDarc!

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If you look at the sucralose molecule, youll notice several Cl atoms. The fact that its chlorinated is reason enough to NEVER use it. Cl radicals are not good


Taste good though.
Better than smoking in my opinion .
Anything inhaled except breathing probably isn’t safe.
I just think your picking on sweeteners.
What about everything else.

Even that is suspect. Ask anyone that lives in a big city.


I make my own stevia sweetener from Stevita organic stevia powder [100% stevia, no additives or fillers]
I mix 1 teaspoon pure stevia to 25ml of PG, then use it in a dropper bottle 1drop to 10ml juice.

I also use Pyure, but dispense it with a syringe [insulin] because the bottle doesn’t drop…it squirts, and it is very concentrated.

I use the Stevita for just sweetness, and the Pyure when I want the added citric acid.