Your Top 3 Flavor Companies, Vendors, Mods, Tanks, RDAs, Flavors

Continuing the discussion from POLL - Favorite Flavor Brands and Suppliers for 2016:

It’s been a while since we listed some of our current Favorites, so I thought it might be cool to see what people like most these days in a few different categories. I know I said Top 3, but feel free to run amok if you want.

My Favorite Flavor Companies…

  1. Medicine Flower
  2. Flavorah
  3. Flavourart

My Favorite Vendors…

  1. Bullcity
  2. Nic River
  3. DIY Vapor Supply

My Favorite Mods…

  1. Lost Vape “Triade DNA250C”
  2. Lost Vape “Paranormal DNA250C”
  3. Wismic “Reuleaux DNA250”

My Favorite Tank

  1. Boreas

My Favorite Flavors…

  1. Dark Chocolate MF
  2. Frosting FLV
  3. Kentucky Blend FLV

I’ve been stuck with this same list for quite a while now.


Medicine flower

Nic River
Bull City Flavor

Honorable mention Liquid barn

Smoant Battlestar
Dovpo Topside
Smoant Charon and Cylon

Aspire Cleito with .4 coil or their RTA
Uwell OG crown .25 coil
Drop RDA

RFSC strawberry milkshake
FLV pink guava , lime , cinnamon crunch, frosting
FA - Cream whipped , Red Touch , Meringue
MF - lemon , vanilla

The Flavors are very hard to choose


Capella, Medicine Flower, Flavorah, Inawera

Honorable mention:
Nature’s Flavors, Wonder Flavors

Bull City, Nicotine River, Ecigexpress

Honorable mention:
DIYVS and Wizard Labs

Added this since you listed mods! :wink:


Smoant Cylon, Tarnish (gun metal)
Smoant Cylon, black
Vandy Vape Pulse Dual Squonk
(all three are chipped with ST Microelectronics CPU’s which are IMO the best “budget chip”)

Honorable mention:
Any DNA with Replay. (don’t have one yet, but having owned a normal DNA, I know these are stellar devices!)

Wismec Theorem (shocking, I know. :laughing: )

Seriously? 3? LMAO. :wink:

  1. Ina Shisha Strawberry
  2. FLV Frosting
  3. FLV Apple Filing
  4. Cap Caramel v1
  5. Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl
  6. Ina Peach
  7. Yeah… I’ll stop here. :crazy_face:

Based on the current flavors I use

  1. Capella
    2)Liquid Barn (sad to say this will probably drop to #4 as I get more flavors)
    3)Real flavors
    4)The Flavor apprentice
  1. Nicotine River
  2. Liquid Barn
  3. Real Flavors

have gone back to my Wismec Reuleaux RX200 . this thing has been thru hell and back several times and just wont die ………

tried several different smok mods . but those severally failed real life testing… scheduled to be recycled the next time I do a scrap metal run. well they do make a nice paper weight.

  1. Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus RDTA
  2. Smok TFV8
  3. Smok TFV4

didn’t like the tfv12 it leaked worse than the titanic

Solo flavors by them selves

  1. Monkey Fart(FW)
    2)Strawberry Cheesecake (LB)
    3)Pina Colada (LB)
  2. Black Label French Toast (Real Flavors)
  3. Black Label Blue Raspberry (Real flavors)

2 Flavor combos

  1. Blackberry (CAP) & Pina Colada (LB)
  2. Strawberry(LB) & Pina Colada (LB)

Flavor companies-
Medicine Flower
Flavor Art

Favorite Flavor Vendors-
Bull City
Liquid Barn

Favorite Hardware Vendor-
Element Vape
Cloudy Peak Vapors

Favorite Mod-
Triad 250C
Triad 250
Dreamer Mech

Favorite Tank/Rda-
VGod Pro Drip

Favorite Flavors-
RFSC Pineapple
LB Vanilla Ice Cream
MF Honeydew


My Favorite Flavor Companies…

  1. TFA/TPA
  2. Capella
  3. Medicine Flower

My Favorite Vendors…

  1. Bullcity
  2. Nic River
  3. Nude Nicotine

My Favorite Mods…

  1. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C
  2. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C
  3. Squid Industries Double Barrel v.3

My Favorite Tank

  1. SteamCrave Plus
  2. SteamCrave Supreme
  3. SteamCrave RDTA v.1

My Favorite Flavors…

1.Sugar Cookie CAP
2. Cream Fresh FA
3 .Dark Chocolate MF
4 Strawberry Ripe / Juicy Peach TFA

Good stuff @pro_vapes.


Damn…I thought one of your QPs would make your RTA list


I had to think about it for a while @NChris. Sooo close …

  1. Wonder Flavours
  2. Vape Train Australia
  3. Jungle Flavors
  4. Inawera
  5. Super Concentrates
  6. Hangsen
  7. Flavorah

Sorry but couldn’t just name 3 lol

I dont know if we are just going by flavor vendor, then this:

  1. Bull City
  2. ECX (if they finally switch to the new bottles, which they are starting to do)
    Don’t have a third currently.

Hardware, worth mentioning:

  1. eight vape
  2. eciggity
  3. myfreedomsmokes
  1. Lost Vape Paranomal 250C (my daily mod)
  2. Vandy Vape Pulse 80 (squonk)
  3. Joyetech Ego Aio (aio)
  4. Joyetech Auto Magic (Pod)

Included every category!

I’ll list by category again, even so i mostly use rta’s, some are worth mentioning.


  1. Intake
  2. Kylin mini
  3. Revolver


  1. ammit mtl
  2. recurve
  3. hermetic


  1. fireluke
  2. falcon
  3. crown II/III

I’ll be here till 2040 if i start to answer this. I dont have a favorite flavor in general, every application uses different flavors. I dont use one flavor more than others, however my mixes always contain a flavor from the brands listed under (1) :wink:


My Favorite Flavor Companies…

  1. Flavour Art
  2. Flavorah
  3. Inawera

My Favorite Vendors

  1. Bullcity
  2. ECX
  3. Nicotine River

My Favorite Mods

  1. Lost Vape Mirage DNA 75C (only until I find a Triade 250C at a decent price!)
  2. Vaporesso Luxe 220
  3. Smoant Battlestar 200

My Favorite Tank

  1. Wotofo Profile
  2. Digiflavor Drop
  3. Flawless Tugboat v2


  1. Augvape Boreas v1
  2. Vapefly Core
  3. Vandy Vape Kensei


  1. Wotofo Faris
  2. CoilArt Azeroth
  3. Asmodus Nefarius


  1. FreeMax Mesh Pro
  2. Smok Big Baby Beast
  3. Vaporesso SKRR

My Favorite Flavors

  1. VBIC (TPA)
  2. Vanilla Custard (Cap)
  3. Bavarian Cream (TPA)