Your Top Trusted Vendors Recommendations

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Here are some vendors I trust and haven’t any issues with.

DIY Vapor Supply
Liquid Barn
Bull City Vapor
Gremlin DIY
Medicine Flower
GoodEarth Beauty (for Medicine Flower extracts)
Illumn (for batteries)
Lightning Vape (for wire and cotton)
Temco (for titanium wire)


Nice balance PV! :wink:

I’ll list be of my main Go-To’s first. Simply because everything has always been authentic, very fast processing and shipping, great service, great selection, and some very good deals from time to time.

The Topside I just bought, was from Eciggity, while it was about $15 more than what I could’ve ordered from China… A. I trust their customer service implicitly, B. It ships faster (and I was Jonesing to have one and had the cash for a change! :laughing: )! C. Free shipping, as with a battery protector, it met the $75 min.

I’ve also been recently impressed by Their last sale is pretty astonishing. Shipping (and processing) speeds were very quick. Can’t speak to customer service though, as so far, I’ve not needed it!

Battery vendors is hands down my go to vendor.
Ordered through them on multiple occasions in the last 3 years, and always been authentic batteries, and problem free.


Thank you as of today I am dumping my current supplier. I was just about to ask for something just like this from forum members.:+1:


Ill add a few but these are Canadian vendors
we don’t have many good suppliers but these are the best

diy e-juice
The broke vaper

for hardware


Fortunately this is an international forum :wink:
As a non US citizen, buying in the US is a no no because of the extortionate shipping fees :roll_eyes:

I have had very good experience with the Ozzies
Wide range in flavours and brands and very good customer service when something goes haywire.


Ive only ordered once from juice factory , @woftam gave me a heads up on the INW MC old formula so I jumped and ordered a handful of 10ml bottles. With all that being said , I was very surprised how inexpensive and quick the shipping was


Bull City Flavors
DIYFS (DIY Flavor Shack)
SKS Bottle
Royal Vapes (Donut Custard !!!)
Nude Nicotine
Nicotine River
Liquid Barn
Sub Tank Supply
Gas City Vapes


I ordered my 1st Boreas from them… Good prices and fast service too.


Nicotine River has been a great company for Nic, VG, PG, and flavors. All issues I have had, have been handled professionally and quick.



Essential Depot
Liquid Barn
Amazon (wouldn’t recommend if you need large quantities, but for emergencies its great)


Bull City
DIY Flavor Shack (I hate most of their flavors, but the CS and shipping is outstanding and Dawn always tries to make it right or helps you out. She also seems to take advice, because they did drop the price. I just wish I would like the flavors lol )
Liquid Barn


Dropper Bottles


Vapers Tek
Heartland Vapes
Carolina Xtracts (only ordered their once, but talked to their CS alot and it’s really good and super friendly, I just wish they were a bit cheaper :wink:


Eight Vape (some people have issue with them, I never did, their CS is outstanding in the cases I have dealt with them, prices are mostly the cheapest for US vendors, and their shipping time is close to amazon lol)
Vapor Range
My Freedom Smoke
Direct Vapor
Wet Vapes
Ecig City


Liion Wholesale (my nr one vendor for batteries, washers, wraps, chargers and what not. Out of all the 3 vendors, this one always have the lowest prices, however their shipping is a bit on the higher end. But great CS and super quick shipping)
Illumn (slower CS and shipping, but at times they do have sales and bring their prices down too mostly the same as Liion Wholesales regular price. So if Liion is out of stock, check Illum)
IMR Batteries (in my opinion on the more expensive side, depending on the product. Medium processsing time. It’s not super fast but also not super slow, except during sales. That’s why I am mentioning them, they do have good sales on a regular basis and chargers others don’t carry etc.)


Advanced Vape Supplies (I buy everything there, from my Kendo Vape Cotton Gold, round wire too build my own coils with, and before I did purchase all of their spools and already made coils. Free shipping starts on orders as low as $20 or $25 already, super quick processing time, if they are out of stop they will contact you and find a solution. Stuart will even answer emails, no matter if you’re a customer or not and help you find the “right” wires for your purpose. Running constantly sales and I can not recommend somebody else, this should be your first stop for stainless steel wire in my opinion :wink:

I’ll edit this if I forgot something, it’s late and im dead tired :frowning:


yES, yES, Yes, Advanced Vape Supply, great freakin coils, and just got some Kendo Gold…OMG…
What a Change from bacon prime… man, I am just blown away with this cotton, zero break-in, and last 3-4-5 times longer, serious.
Only issue I am having is with VTA, I ordered straight from Oz, with a 40$ shipping fee. This was when no one in USA had any.
When bull city flavors had some come in, I ordered there. Than I ordered from chefs, with only a 5$ shipping charge. WOW, they don’t do that no more, it’s by weight.
So what I’m getting at , is the re-bottling , for some reason or another , it’s not the same as , from OZ.
The % I use from OZ is lower, than the % from the other 2 vendors. Just saying , and I did not keep track of it, just know VTA OZ was stronger. So would I buy from Chefs and Bull City again, oh yes I will.


good idea adding battery vendors
in canada batteries are usually 15$CAD each at BnM and at least 10$ online
I just ordered 3 18650’s from illumn and the price with shipping was LOWER
than ordering anywhere in canada.
Shipping was about 10$ same as in canada


is relative, i accept 4 weeks from China to my place.

Fasttech did not let me down one single time, i order there since 7+ years.


Me neither… They sent me the wrong item once and made it right with a full refund and told me to keep the item. I’ve probably ordered from them 5 or 6 times. One order was 2 DNA mods which saved me nearly 100 bones. My last order was replacement glass for my Boreas, which I couldn’t find nowhere else.

It’s just that I personally don’t consider 4 weeks fast shipping… which is probably the least amount of time I’ve had to wait for a package from China. But if you can stand the wait you can find some good deals there.


Did you ever try rayon for 15$ you can get a lifetime supply no break in and zero taste I love it


I’ve ordered multiple times from 3FVAPE over the years and have never had an issue… ever. :wink: Plus, for usually around $5, I’ve always gotten my purchase within 2 weeks.

I gave 3F (and other Chinese companies) a bit of a hard time way back, when I was bugged out concerning our personal info being distributed freely. But hey, US companies on our own home turf (cough-Facebook-cough) do it with impunity for fun and profit! :rage: (Please :hocho: Kill :skull_and_crossbones: your Facebook account today! The sooner it dies, the better!)

Anyway, just thought I’d add one to the list which has made me happy over the years. :sunglasses:


I did back in the ECF days, but switched back to organic cotton balls, than went to the pads until bacon came out.


I was sent some rayon to try out, but I couldn’t find the sweet spot with it. Unlike you, I could taste it and it seems to wick kinda slowly causing dry hits. After a time I came back to it and my second experience was the same as the first. I just can’t get it to work for me. Cotton just seems to wick better IMO.


Bummer I went to rayon and it was literally a Godsend everything just seems to work perfectly…for me

Dry hits…are killer bunnies ripping your lungs out.