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Does anyone else get infuriated when a video on youtube about vaping… like reviews, tutorials, etc…starts with the person taking a big hit off of their vape? For some reason it really bugs me. I get it… you’re cool because you vape. After the 20th video it starts to get annoying. I’m sure I will hear crickets waiting for all of the zero replies to this topic.


Nope. Doesn’t bother me one bit.


Not gonna lie, it irks me a little bit, too. I’m not sure why, cuz it’s videos about vaping, but yeah I get you. I get vaping in the video, but the whole blowing the huge cloud into the camera at the beginning like “Hey, this is a video about vaping. Look what I can do!” can get old.

What really pisses me off is the guy (sorry I dont remember his name) that goes around filming himself blowing huge clouds directly into complete strangers faces and then in a extremely annoying voice says “You’ve been vaped hahaha”

I really dont like this POS because not only is he annoying he gives us a bad image…

Does anyone know who I’m talking about? He has a lot of shit on FB


MrtechnicalDifficult is this guy’s name…I just want to smack the shit out of him!

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Well its stupid & gimmicky to do the blow Vape in the camera for screen swap.
To me it’s like dang man ya couldn’t think of a ‘cooler’ intro to a close-up view?.

But it’s kinda dumb but sorta expected it’s vaping & showing off a vaporizer so ya gotta “show it off”

That guy is a moron. He thinks it’s funny but all that does is create bad will. As if vaping isn’t misunderstood enough. We can take the attitude that we don’t care what people think about vaping but these people could be voting on guidelines about when, where and how we are regulated. It’s as rude as blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face.

Exactly! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the first time I saw this jackass! I find absolutely no humor in it whatsoever and it really gets under my skin!
As far as regular YouTube videos go, I agree that the majority of them are showing off their coils, tanks or mods. I also see your side of it Frank when people do it in excess

Disclaimer: I didnt even know that this guy existed. What a douche canoe.

I was commenting on guys like GrimmGreen that use the toot into the camera as transitional tool between scenes or Twisted420 blowing clouds to show performance of said device…

I can’t hate on GrimmGreen…to me he’s the originator of the vaping youtube videos. And blowing clouds as part of the review of a device is different. That’s to be expected for a review. But doing it right into the camera all the time just for S&Gs gets kinda old.


I might have been a little off the rails when I created this thread. I’m just glad a few ppl agree with me or I’d be feeling like a huge douchebag right now lol. You know how it is… drink a pint, make 40ml or so juice…repeat.


That is so my phrase of the day! Thanks for that :wink:

You’re welcome sir.

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Yeah, gets on my nerves a little too. What I hate worse than that is unboxing videos. I’d rather watch a vidoe of someone changing the air in their tires.

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Yeah thats super annoying. I only put up with it to see how he stacks up with other reviewers.

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so we now know it produces vapor…


Yeah, but I am feeling especially mischievous today, so that was for the OP! :slight_smile:

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good vid


I guess as we get older we start to run out of our supply of patience. You think maybe there’s only so much patience a human has in their lifetime, and when they run out it’s gone forever? I hope not, but I sure am turning into a crotchety old fart. So every time lately I come across something that just grinds my gears, I think of you and this thread. Don’t read too much into it :smile:

The latest in my list (and I’ve seen this mentioned before) is where someone will comment on a recipe and say I tried this. It’s really good. I substituted… and then list 2,3 hell sometime half the flavors. I’m like hello…newsflash…you didn’t try the recipe! That would be like me saying I made a great stuffed turkey for dinner, only I used prime rib instead, it was excellent! Oh well, the planet still spins and I keep sucking air. Vape on Wayne, Vape on Garth.