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What’s up vapers!
SirRisc here with another juice review!

This line of Zap! Juice was sourced from!


The moment the package was delivered, before it was opened, I knew this was going to be a good one.
It smelled sweet and fruity, and the scent reminded me of how it felt when I first started and got vapemail.
Tearing the envelope open the scent only got stronger and more enticing, despite the bottles being packed to withstand whatever you could throw at them.
This is how vapemail should be, this is how satisfying it should be to get a fresh batch of juice in.
Not being scared of the FDA or TPD cutting in and telling you how bad it is to vape.
Cigarettes can’t remotely smell this good, nor can they be so satisfying.

With all that said, let’s have a look on how they taste!

The review.

All the liquids were tested in

  • Goon, dual staggered stapled fused clapton coil at 0.15ohm with 0.45mm, 0.16mm Kanthal A1 and 4 x 0.1mm x 0.5mm ribbon, wicked with Coilmaster Pro Cotton
  • Cthulhu RTA III, dual fused clapton at 0.28ohm with 0.45mm, 0.16mm Kanthal A1, wicked with Koh Gen Do
  • Geekvape Griffin, dual fused clapton at 0.48ohm with 0.45mm, 0.16mm Kanthal A1, wicked with Coilmaster Pro Cotton
  • Cthulhu Shuriken, dual staggered fused coil at 0.24ohm with 0.51mm, 0.16mm Kanthal A1, wicked with Coilmaster Pro Cotton

As always these were put on different mods, including but not limited to, Hohmwrecker G2, Reuleaux RX2/3, Smok XCube Ultra…
Wattage ranged from 50W to 150W on different coilbuilds. Each juice was tested for about a day as my all-day-vape.

A note on the “scores” included in this review: the scores are there only for reference and have no real bearing on the quality of the liquids.
I score flavor to the best of my ability to convey viability as an all-day-vape, though taste is very subjective and could be an entirely different experience for you.
Vapor is a score I include taking into account the viscosity, VG/PG ratio, and nicotine content. It’s entirely arbitrary and can be ignored.
In short: don’t take my scores as gospel, they’re subjective.

Lychee Lemonade

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Enjoy the intense flavour of this unusual Asian fruit, overlaid with the fizziness of a traditional lemonade. You’ll experience both flavours on the inhale, while lychee dominates on the exhale. A truly unique flavour which will suit those who like a strong taste.

My review:

Scent: A very strong lychee, very natural smelling

Color: Clear

Taste: From the first toot to the last, this juicy will fill your olfactory with a surprisingly natural tasting lychee.
The inhale is sweet yet very true to the real fruit, with the exception that it doesn’t make your jowls contract like the real thing.
The lemonade is elusive and hard to spot, but it is there. It’s a subtle mixture that is largely dominated by the lychee.
The exhale is still sweet and very succulent, moist almost. The lychee lingers on the tongue and gives a slightly tangy flavor to end.
I’m impressed on how natural this juice tastes, the aftertaste is spot on with the real thing and that is no easy thing to do.

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Vapor: 8/10

Purple Slushie

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Inhale for the cool and breezy ice zap; exhale for the burst of indulgent grape.

My review:

Scent: Grape, almost chemical, sweet

Color: Clear with a yellow hue

Taste: Again a recipe that is very true to the real thing, but with a slight twist.
The inhale is refreshing due to the ice effect, which I assume is done with a variant of koolada.
Right as you feel the cooling hit your throat, the grapes suddenly take the foreground.
It’s a blend of blue and red grapes, with the red grapes making up for the greater part of the mix.
The cooling effect is only subtlely there on the exhale and the grapes stay the dominant flavor.
Purple Slushie doesn’t linger as long as Lychee Lemonade but it does stick to the senses for a few minutes, tempting you into another hit.
My wife unfortunately hates me vaping it because it’s very pungent and resembles… catpee. Well, according to her at least.

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Vapor: 8/10

Vintage Cola

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Take a trip down memory lane with Vintage Cola. This classic taste of vintage cola will leave a tingle on your tongue! Vintage cola offers a darker cola taste on the inhale, but is lighter and fizzier on the exhale.

My review:

Scent: Cola sweets

Color: Slightly murky, clear with yellowish hue

Taste: This one is a revelation in itself, and I have to admit they’re pretty spot on with their description too.
Vintage Cola is what it says on the bottle, a true to the original. But it is slightly more tolerable (and probably a fair bit healthier) than the original.
What came to mind when taking the first hit from this juice is those small cola sweets, the ones without sugar or sour on it.
The inhale is sweet and almost fizzy in taste, but not overly sweet.
The exhale is where things are interesting usually and it’s really as if I’m eating those little cola sweets.
It lingers only briefly but I assure you, you’ll want another hit.

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Vapor: 8/10


Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Is it lemonade? Is it melon? No! it’s melonade. This is an intriguing combination of honey dew melon and lemonade that tantalizes on the tip of your tongue, with its complex but gentle medley of tastes.

My review:

Scent: Very sweet, ripe cantaloupe

Color: Clear

Taste: I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it here, I like melons.
I like them in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s cantaloupe or watermelon, honeydew or crenshaw, sprite or canary. I like melons.
So it shouldn’t be surprising that I love this juice, because just like the previous ones this is extremely close to the real thing.
If my olfactory isn’t failing me, I can taste a blend of cantaloupe, honeymelon, and perhaps even a note of wintermelon, all fused with a sweeter note of lemonade.
The inhale is sweet, succulent and predominantly cantaloupe, where the lemonade note only serves as a bit of a sweetener.
The exhale is where things change into a blend of melon flavors balanced to perfection, and it stays in the olfactory for what seems like ages.
On that note, it is the only juice from this line up that I’ve noticed to stick to wicks like crazy too. If you’ve vaped this, you will have to rewick before vaping anything else because the next juice will taste like melons.
A surprisingly easy ADV if you’re into melon flavors. Abso-fucking-lutely delicious.

  • Flavor: 9.5/10
  • Vapor: 10/10

In conclusion.

Zap! Juice is a line of juice made in the UK with a lot of attention to detail.
All of the flavors have been carefully chosen and balanced to be true to the real life equivalents.
The packaging is in neon colored bottles with bent droppers, which looks pretty cool too.
There’s no over-the-top branding going on, nor do they use the term premium.
Though if I had any say in it, I would say this could easily use that label without having to blush.
It’s not the cheapest juice around, but well worth the price of 9.99£ for 20ml.
Zap! juice is by far one of the best line ups I’ve had in quite some time.

In closing I’d like to thank for sending these juices out to me!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at the Innokin EZ-TC!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of Melonade scented vapor

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Another awesome review, those look like my kind of vape, thanks!

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Melonade you say?
Sounds interesting?
Does it taste something like this?

I wouldn’t know, I havent tried that recipe yet. :wink:

Amazing review, loved all the detail. The way you described each one makes me actually want to try a vendors juice again. I have not purchased juice since I started DIY. Couldn’t find much that suited me, but I may have to spend a few buck and see I can obtain any.
Ty for this amazing written review.

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