Zedge and Old Notifications for Celly

I tried other social media outlets and can’t find the answer yet. Zedge is a ringtone downloader, and the notification I had sounded like a guy screaming in the form of a Gobble from a turkey.

It’s spelling was under or to the effect of “Wolololol”, I checked its databases with about an hour of variety of spelling, and can’t find it.

I figured i’d at least try it here, maybe someone else has the same humor that I have in watching others reactions when it goes off. It’s hilarious btw.

Thanks in advance, Zedge is android, at least, that’s what I use it under.





The link Phil posted is one you can get lost in for a while! :laughing:
(I pulled 7 out of it already, and I only spent a few minutes there!)

Pretty sure the one you’re looking for was on his link though! (my guess is it was one of the first 8)


unfornately, I wasn’t able to find it. :frowning: if only my phone didn’t die

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