Zero nic makes wife cough

Hi gang
I make my own juice and recently my wife asked me to drop her nic levels from 3mg to zero and since then she hasn’t stopped coughing - she only vapes menthol and the mix is 50vg 50 pg can anyone shed any light as to why she has started to cough with every draw ???

Only a theory… I wonder if you could try…

Change the pg/vg ratio to 40pg/60vg. Some report having an irritation to pg.

Also…or instead try dropping the menthol a bit?

That being said is vaping mixes that have been age steeped or is she vaping some SNV? If it’s snv you may want to let the mixes sit and steep for a few days.


Yeah I was thinking that myself I will try changing to suggested PG/VG mix

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And no they have been steeping for a least a week or more menthol is at 10% so not too high

This suggestion is a dumb one…has the coil been changed? Is old…maybe time to replace? If it’s new…maybe a bad coil?

It could also just be the body adjusting to zero nic. Unlikely but maybe. Also…maybe she could be under the weather or needs to drink more water.


Not a dumb question at all.


Not sure what you mean by this but 10% menthol depending on what it is could be nearly unvapable.

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only a theory here …
a) let the juice steep first… Menthol is really harsh for shake and vape… imho it’s one of the flavors that really need to be steeped…
b) if you have changed anything in recipe (like adding less VG now, move it back where it was) if you are adding more menthol than before… drop that % in where it was… just for the info, i don’t know ANY menthol being used over 2 or MAX 3%… it’s a very strong flavor… (personally i use TFA menthol)
c) check the flavor you’re using for allergens, flavors from one brand to another may use different chemicals inside… (yes menthol is one, but there could be others too)

there’s not reason for her to cough because of absence of nicotine…
can’t think something else…

i totally agree… 10% menthol is INSANE!!!
@Blueboy drop that percentage to 2-3%

Ok when I say 10% thats the total flavor used so I will drop to 3 % and reduce the PG thanks everyone

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I have only used TFA menthol and for me .5 to .75 is my upper range. Much above that and things go south.I can’t speak to other companies menthol flavors so I would start ultra low and add more. It is always easier to add drops if you use too little than to dilute it if using too much.

ok thanks I am using vapables menthol - just making a batch now lets see how she gets on as my name is mud at the moment lol !!!

Just started DIY and had the same issue. I’m using a pretty simple recipes:

TFA Banana 8% + TFA Koolada 2% = some annoying cough
TFA Banana 9% + TFA Koolada 3% + steeped 1 night = cough like dying if you do a long draw

Both 30PG/70VG and 0 Nic in a 10ml mix.

I’m new at this, so I’m still too excited to trying out the mixes instead of steeping them. How long does it take to steep fruity menthol flavors anyway?

Edited to clarify

That is pretty high on the Koolada - you may want to drop that down some (not sure what brand you have or the % it is) but general usage is a little lower and it can make you cough. Another thing to note is some people have a sensitivity to it. It is not a menthol per say but it has menthol cooling effect without the menthol taste.

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thx for the feedback @woftam. btw, both the Banana and Koolada are from TFA. i’m trying out a 10ml mix. sorry for not being very clear.

i always vape menthol. never had any problem with them before. i usually go with 3mg nic. that’s why this thread seems relevant to me. why does no nic makes me cough??

the DIY starter kit that i bought does came with 10g crystal chiller. should i try this instead of Koolada?

I have no idea what crystal chiller is nor how to use it sorry can’t help much there (I assume it is menthol crystals?) but trying it cannot hurt also try dropping the koolada n0t sure why dropping the nic would make any diff to koolada.

I got nuthin! sorry

no probs @woftam, i’m just gonna let it steep for another 1-2 nights and see how it goes. and maybe make another mix with the menthol crystals instead of Koolada. Thx bruh!

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