Zeus x mesh rta and flavor

I use bacon prime…its not that I use it in my other mesh tanks its the mesh…its trickier I guess…im gonna try it another way that has worked for other tanks n just clamp one side then fold the mesh over a big fat piece of cottons much as I can squeeze under n still catch the other clamp…thats how my buddy suggested and how he does all his mesh u just gotta dry burn it for hotspots n residue first i suppose :grin:


Bacon Prime tastes like crap in my Profile RDA until around 5 ml’s are run through it. Doesn’t do that on my RTA’s with regular wire though. Don’t know why but it does.
I use the good old Puffs cotton pads with my mesh and works much better for me.


Yeah idk man even the reg bacon cotton is fine in my mesh rtas …its the vandy vape mesh spools.Their just more difficult to wick than precut mesh because its more like metal fabric than any precut strip I’ve ever seen n really thin so its my wicking…it takes a super tight piece of cotton n easy to get it wrong unlike a reg precut.But after a tank full it seems to be fine I think cause that mesh stiffins up the more you fire it.Someone said u need to even dry fire it at 120 Watts like 10 times till it stiffins up cause its flimsy at first lol


The Bacon prime like most any cotton needs to Break in first which just means 40-60 puffs but its a sign of good stable cotton that wont collapse.I love that cotton along with Native wicks…i have amazon cotton that’s even pretty good


Yeah its good cotton its like any others that need to break in but that just means its decent cotton that wont disintegrate like some of the cheaper stuff…my bacon reg seems to break in fast on all my mesh Rtas…maybe 30 puffs n starts tasting good