Zeus x mesh

Hi vapers, I recently brought a Zeus x mesh rta, and want to know where I can get some mesh strips from, I’ve been told that some mesh strips are to big and just cut them down … I’m fine with that… I wouldn’t mind buying a Spool of mesh! But what am I looking for… any info would be appreciated


Everyone, this is my friend Sam. You can call him Fran as well.

He is based in the U.K. So keep that in mind when helping him in his search for mesh.


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I really wish geekvape would have went with a standard size mesh strip. You can buy a spool of Vandy Vape SS316L 200 mesh. You will need at least 1 of the geekvape mesh as a guide on how to cut it. Good thing is the Vandy Vape mesh spool is wide enough you can cut 2 strips off of it if your careful as it is close.

Here is one place you can get it but it is available all over. The VV 200 mesh is considered one of the best for flavor.


Nice one brother yeah tinman has been quality to me! Even tho we live the other side of the pond!! I’ll have to have a look have you got the size or a like on amazon?


Tinman is definitely good people for sure :+1:

Looks pricey on Amazon UK but found 1 left in stock. Try googling Vandy Vape SS316L mesh 200 for places local to you, I am in the US

Scratch that link, that one was for the 300 mesh, the 200 is out of stock on amazon uk


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Is it the 200 I need?


I have tried almost all of the Vandy Vape mesh spools and the 200 is the best. You should be able to find it locally or online as the 200 mesh is the most popular SS mesh to use so many people stock it.


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The Zesus X stips are 18 mm * 6.2, the wotofo / OFRT are 16 * 6.8. The Zesus strips are taller and more narrow; cutting down to fit will solve the width issue, however the strip will be shorter and may set you up for dry hits. I believe element vape (https://www.elementvape.com/) has them, 2 strips and two pieces of cotton - $4.99, eightvape.com has the same for $2.99 but currently our of stock. https://vaping101.co.uk/ has them for 1.75

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Thank you for this tip, this is what I was looking for.
I just ordered the vv mesh wire 200 ss, I just want to ask how many ohms do you get when cutting it in half as you suggested? Thanks again.


It has been a while since I used the Zeus mesh rta, I just find that it is not as good other mesh rta like the Kylin M, the new Profile M and Doom X are also really good so far. The new Doom X might be my new favorite mesh RTA, super easy to wick.

I am just guessing but I would think the ohms on the Zeus with the VV 200 would be 0.13 to 0.16 ohms. Being mesh it would need a lot of power though.


I agree with you, I have had the zeus for few months now and I’m getting tired of it, I ordered the kylin m (copy) I just hope it’s as good as the original.
I will totally check out the new Doom x. I’m in the hunt for a good mesh rta.