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18650 Battery Shipping Fiasco


My both of my normal suppliers are out of stock when it comes to vtc5a 18650 batteries so i went with @Heaven_Gifts while they are expensive I was fairly confident I would actually get vtc5a - it helped that I ordered while they were having a 30% sale which brought to price down to a more acceptable level.

Well the package arrived today and I have never been as shocked as I was when i opened this particular box.

Holy shit wtf are you thinking shipping 30 little bombs like this you imbeciles - all i can say is never will I order batteries from @Heaven_Gifts again, this is just dangerous, if they exploded and bought the plane down I would most likely be the caged bunny if they could id the package.


holy shit , that is super crazy sorry to see this


Oh my goodness. That’s a whole bowl full of what the fuzzle.


that is some bad packing an very unsafe…what were they thinking…I hope you chewed thier ass out in a email…I guess they just sell batteries an know nothing of battery safty…if those went off…it would of been a great fireworks show…


I am waiting to hear back that they have spoken to their shipping department - if i don’t hear back I will paste their name all over this thread. I was tbh quite stunned.


that still amazes me looking at that picture…all i can say is WTF …just be thankful no one got hurt…from the air crew to the postal people…


It’s all your fault for not buying just 2 batteries! What were you thinking?
You need to go ahead and drop the company name, because even if they do respond to your emailing them, I and many others here should not buy batteries from that supplier.
(please don’t say it’s https://www.illumn.com)


No it is not illumn they are one of my go to suppliers. I want to give them a chance to respond that the practice will be changed.


me wondering how many boats sink, or planes crash while we waiting for your reply


Nice u gave em a chance but for what excuse? “my shipper was blind that day”? “We sell lots of those like that and were unaware of the dangers, thanks for bringing this to our attention.”? wtf


You have got to be kidding?!?! That is insane and they need to be reported to the authorities immediately! That is truly absolutely shocking to see. They are not even cellophane wrapped individually? Those things have brought down a 747 before. That is troubling to say the least.


I think it is fair to give them a chance to respond and say that the problem has been fixed - i am not interested in an explanation from them just a statement that it won’t happen again. Not much can be done if they don’t say “yup i see your point” and change their packaging except to out them and hope a lot of people see it (an i will do my best to paste the name everywhere I can).


@woftam,I don’t think they deserve a second chance. That could literally be fatal.



Ok I will out them I hope to hear them respond publicly as soon as possible. @Heaven_Gifts please respond to my concerns here rather than by email or pm.


I heard of a USPS mail truck having an explosion nearby me recently and thought; great, I hope that they don’t discover it was due to lithium ion batteries. This, though, is just freaking crazy! How stupid can a company be? I am pretty particular about where I source batteries and have yet to use a Chinese vendor, thanks for confirming my practice! {shocked that they didn’t pack the box with steel wool to cushion them}


Yes I don’t usually resort to it either however I was in a bit of a pickle battery wise.


Badly, hung over from Chinese New Years? {only explanation I could think of}


Holy cow

On July 24, 2013,[25] the GCAA released the final investigation report. The report indicated that the fire was caused by the autoignition of the contents of a cargo pallet, which contained more than 81,000 lithium type batteries and “other combustible materials”


they should have taken better safety precautions when packing the batteries.

Edit: the packaging of those batteries , makes me appreciate the care that @liquidbarn puts into packaging their flavors… granted I hate looking for my razor knife to open the sealed bag they are in but they are always in a nice neat row. And not a jumbled mess in a plastic bag.