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18650 Battery Shipping Fiasco


That is absolutely disgraceful.
I buy a lot of batteries and they are always individually packaged and boxed.


Yup :arrow_up: this is how it should be done - I also like how illumn do it too.


I think the box is rare there, mostly found in usa, vape happy, imr, illumn, got the same cool little box and the padding from each of them!



Come on, @Heaven_Gifts. You have a lot of deeply shocked vapers to answer to here.

I hope to God there are no other businesses doing this. Sad to say, this kind of thing really does need to be widely publicised, to make every possible culptrt think twice.

And that story that Phil Fish posted needs to be drummed in to every battery supplier and all their staff


This is not just a problem for airlines.

i used to work in a Roya Mail warehouse. Those packages often get literally chucked about by the hard-pressed loading staff , and also sometimes get badly mangled by the machinery. What’s more, the trailers are sometimes overloaded (in spite of regulations) to the point where there’s a danger of them tipping over. And who knows what kind of antics the postie gets up to?

There’s a bit of training in how to recognise a potentially dangerous package, but I don’t know WTF would alert the handler to the presence of a load of loose batteries inside?

Worse, there’s a trend here in Britain -and most if not all of the rest of the world- towards employing temporary Agency staff in almost every kind of non-specialised work (as well as some specialised work). And the agencies are often sharing too few jobs amongst way too many workers. The result is, a worker will all-too-often turn up for a shift , only to be replaced by another newbie, next shift. I’ve watched saftey standards plummet downhill as a result, there being no time to give all those people a proper induction. They just get thrown in at the deep end without any training in safety at all.

That shouldn’t happen. There are regulations against it. But in the Real World , with profits at stake, deadlines to meet, and everybody terrified of losing their job , of course it does happen .

I wouldn’t be surprised if one such untrained casual worker was responsible for that atrocious packing job.


I am speechlessly looking at @Heaven_Gifts with open mouth thinking .oO(WTF!?!)


Those staples in the corner of the box look like they’d make great friends with that community of batteries.

As often as vendors and vape companies catch the full wrath of the vape community for every little issue, in my opinion this has been the only situation that really warrants genuine outrage. Seems to be all crickets from them and I’m surprised they haven’t been eaten alive already. They should be ashamed of themselves.


completely bass-ackwards! unacceptable.

so far this week in vendors to avoid:


who’s packing this?!


This company should be banned from selling batteries to anyone just think of what the news would have to say VAPE BATTERIES BLOW UP PLANE…FUCK them I will not condone this type of stupidity when it’s messing with something that saved my life and brings me such enjoyment.This just shows they don’t give a shit bout nothing but $$ IMOP


Judging by the box, its not even a Dangerous Goods compliant box for Lithium Ion Batteries, let alone loose ones. I still do work for a shipping company, which I will not name lol. I am a trained DG Responder and have to do this sort of thing every year.

Was the box even at least labeled with Lithium Ion Battery Overpack warning label?


Yes it was labeled with a Lithium Ion Battery warning.


Well won’t crucify them till we hear their side of the story, but its unusual to dump out all the batteries out of their packaging, but I suspect they pocketed the cases to resell.


Not arguing with you… but personally I find it inexcusable for a vendor to do this. There is no waiting for an explanation. There is no excuse that justifies this. Do a sloppy pack job on some bottles, and you have a customer service issue. Do this with lithium-ion cells, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. No possible good excuse.


I 100% agree with you, I just want to hear the excuse they come up with.


Put all your 18650’s in a bag and jostle them for a bit… What happens?


Why are 18650’s vape batteries? They’re used for plenty of things and the vape industry is just a small part of that.

It’s just bad packaging of regular high power batteries and putting people all along the transport chain at risk. This has nothing to do with vaping.
If this is an isolated accident (which I believe it is), Heaven Gifts should take not and make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

It’s a bad thing, a shame that this has happened but we don’t know the details about it and I don’t think it’s right at this point to get highly emotional about it and overreact. I think the adrenaline from that vgod incident is still running strong if people are already talking about avoiding them completely and speaking so strongly about them.


VGOD emotions have nothing to do with this. Improper handling of lithium ion cells has cost lives.


I agree somewhat, Heavengifts has been selling these batterys for years, the packaging could have been better but for the amount they sell, have you ever heard of any of their battery’s exploding in transit?

Take your 18650’s and place them in a bag and shake them up, what happens? Probably nothing…

Don’t get me wrong, if there is even the smallest chance that this packaging could be responsible for them venting they should package them with proper insulation.


The questions are not aimed at you btw


They’ve been notified and they’re probably checking now what happened or see what to do to prevent this in the future.

Or maybe this is standard practice and they’ll ignore this completely.

The point is, it’s a little bit early to start telling people to avoid dealing with this company completely. Just sit down, relax and give Heaven Gifts a little time to react. Meanwhile, the world will hopefully not explode :slight_smile: