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18650 Battery Shipping Fiasco


Sorry, I pay a little more attention to mishaps like this, versus poorly packaged plastic bottles. It’s bad enough to hear a noob vaper doing something obviously stupid, but this is an established vendor, and whatever the chance of an issue, there’s just no excuse. I’m not arguing with anyone here at all. I just feel more strongly about it I guess, especially with known accidents happening in the past.


Agreed but now how the news will report it and the point that @vapedudde was expressing.


I didn’t actually say that, but yeah I probably won’t deal with them.


I can appreciate that this may look like a huge concern but this isn’t some small company who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is HG…

Edit: I agree that the packaging should be more secured for the piece of mind of the consumer and the community.


Yea, at the same time we can’t justify the actions of one person for the whole company, but still they represent the company and how its reflected. I’m no better for speculating. :laughing:


And that’s the point it not a fly by night company… so they should know better. And we expect better from HG …

I’ve not ordered from HG yet… but with such wreckless practices with packaging , should I?


I think they should get their dick slapped, a nice fine would be good. Ending their business? No, but they need to improve their shipping practices.


See my edit for clarification.




Ok - I don’t think that boycotts etc are warranted FWIW.

I was shocked at the packaging because I believe that high power batteries should absolutely be respected and should be packaged with the utmost care.

Is it possible that these batteries could vent? I am not 100% sure that they could, that said they should not be packaged in a way that the customer has any doubt at all. I will not be buying batteries from them again unless I am sure they will not arrive like they did.

I have dealt with HG numerous times and have never had any issues before. Pulling out the pitchforks before they have responded and suggesting boycotts is imho a little over the top but everyone gets to make their own decisions.


besides lil rubber balls, what else would u be safe shipping that way tho and not get damaged?


One lazy employee does not the company make. Might not even be that. After the new year they lose a large number of employee’s and they hire a large number of “new” employees. I am sure they probably didn’t even know they did wrong.

HG from what I have observed over the years is a generous and honest company, with above average customer service. Lets give them a chance to respond and set things right.

Personally, I do not order batteries from China. Oh… and why don’t you? I don’t order batteries from China because there is a good chance they may get held up or even confiscated at Customs.

I understand every ones concern for safety, but nothing happened. But it could. But it didn’t. But it COULD. But it DIDN’T. BUT IT COULD!!!

I’m out.


Thank god you ordered these in a separate order…

They are almost ready for shipping…


@woftam, I don’t want to ask this, but were ALL of the cells discharged when you got them ?


They were on about 1/4 (of the few i have since charged)


Patiently waiting to see what response @Heaven_Gifts gives towards their packing process…

Beeen on their site a few times … just overly cautious when buying online…

What guarantee do I have that the item I ordered will be packaged properly to allow it to arrive safely, undamaged?

With the flavor vendors , I know were I stand

Liquid barn - flavors, have been a nice sealed bag

Nicotine river - flavors have been in a sealed bag(ziplock)

Real flavors- the ten sample bottles I ordered were packaged in a bubble package. 5 bottles in a nice neat row in each package . Thought I’d never get that package open even with a razor knife…(packaging material might be bullet proof) :joy:

Okay granted flavor vendors deal with a lot of flavors that are considered hazmat. Considered hazmat and we vape this flavors… wtf am I crazy… I vape them so maybe I am

But still @Heaven_Gifts , we expect better from you. With all the bad press about vape batteries exploding. you should take better care when packaging batteries…


18650’s are not “vape batteries” we as vapers use them, but if you put all the vapers in the world together, it is a very small percentage of what 18650’s are used for.


I know what they are used in, I am a hobbyist in electronics, everything from battery packs for drills to cordless vacuums.


Yes but in the context of this thread. The batteries are used for vape mods…

Really don’t see laptop top batteries explode while teenager was surfing the web…

But see lots about vape mod batteries exploding or catching fire…

If anything had happened in the shipping process, batteries wouldn’t be the cause… for the news it would be

batteries shipped by a vape company


Vape batteries explode while being shipped

Dang all this talk about batteries reminds me it’s about time to replace mine… they almost 6mnths old.


Complacency kills.