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A New WHAT thread, What are you COOKING!


Myself I Love to cook, try new recipes, make new recipes, make meals with what ever you got instock and turns out great, love to watch cook videos, read cook forums and such, Cook on the grill, stove, toaster oven, nuwave, bonfire, car engine recipes, hole in the ground cooking, cinderblock cooking, there is so many ways to create heat and cook !!! Don’t be shy !! pictures tell a thousand words, post em, if you got em !!!


this gal makes a great chili, beautiful appetizer too !!!https://youtu.be/ZyVtE8BpMMY
this man can cook, luv some collard greens !!https://youtu.be/6jfUrYYzCuI


Home made Rubin (spelling)

starts off with home made sourkrout, fresh corned beef, home made thousand Island. If I knew how to make rye bread I would.


The Reuben is my favorite sandwich! In my youth I worked at high-end sandwich restaurants and one was lead by a NY Jewish Chef with CIA (not that CIA) credentials. He assured me the “proper” dressing was Russian Dressing …the clearish red stuff. That’s how we made it and it was awesome. I have a hard time finding it in stores …probably because it’s mainly HFCS. Of course I’ve eaten tons of Ruebens with Thous Island …which I think is basically Russian Dressing with some mayo and pickle relish. Looks like I might have to pop around the corner and knock over an Arbys for lunch …I know SACRILEGE!

Oh yeah that above sandwich was made on a toasted NY Rye bagel …I’m dying right now :drool:


Not to many people know that. I use thousand Island because Russian Dressing is to hot for the women in the house, so I don’t make the russian because it would go to waste.

It’s been so long since I had it with russian dressing that I don’t even remember what it tastes like


Best Chili Ever. Double the Chili Powder. Counter the over hot chili seasoning with a TBSP of dark brown sugar or grape jelly. The sweet and hot need to balance (cancel!) out to your taste, so start low. The sugar sounds weird but it allows you to over season, and the results are awesome chili.

Chili meat? I use London Broil which can be cheaper than hamburger and has a great beef flavor. The problem is, while it’s way lean, it’s also tough. Slice the Roast into two thinner steaks, then strips, then cubes. Brown on Med-high to quick sear in your Chili pot with a TBSP of Peanut oil. Once browned, add a large jar of your favorite Salsa and reduce to Low/Slow and cover. I use a local store’s Chipotle Med. which adds some great smokiness and more heat.

This is the secret! The vinegar in the salsa tenderizes the lean London Broil pretty quickly. Add some water if necessary. Taste test for a toothy tenderness, then add your other ingredients. Don’t overcook the meat …remember it’s going to cook longer as Chili. I usually make my onions separately.


One thing I dearly miss living on the West Coast-PROPER pastrami and corned beef! Every time I go to PA, I always wind up gaining five pounds or more, simply from all of the damned food I eat.


Back in the 70’s we still lived in the Bronx,NY. my stepfather was a Russian Jew. and I’ll never forget even as a young kid the Reuben Sandwich that he made on freshly baked rye bread (bought from one of the bakeries) and till this day I’ve yet to find the Russian Dressing. So, when I get the urge for a Reuben now, we have a Arbys fairly close to home. There Reuben is awesome other than they also use Thousand Island dressing. I could talk about food for ever. Not cooking it but eating it. I’ll literally try almost anything at least once. I’m probably one of the very few Italianos that still uses jarred sauce lol
My grandmother would always make homemade gravy/sauce. I wish I would’ve gotten the recipe before she passed several years ago. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the same. I’ve asked my Mom about the recipe and she told me Nanna always cooked from memory. Getting an actual Recipe would’ve more than likely gone like this. “Paulie, you have to take a bigger pinch than that and throw in some more of the basil leaves and let it cook for several hours until it tastes perfect and don’t forget the more garlic the better” lol


You know what really sounds good right now is a Beef on Weck. Created in Buffalo NY/Western NY. Have you ever sunk your teeth into one ? “Stomach growls”


Haven’t had the pleasure, but my previous comment got me fiending for a damn cheesesteak!


I luv a good Reuben, never made one, cause nobody around here sells fresh corned beef !! But I will get some frozen if they sell that, And I have never had the pleasure of trying Russian Dressing, and me likes hot, my wife does not, so I got to make one hot and one not !! I have been enjoying some Chipotle ranch dressing.
@BoDarc I use apple cider vinegar in alot of recipes, meats and deserts, it does add some pop to the meal.


Man, have one or two for me.


Wish I could, but there’s nowhere on this side of the Ol’ Miss that does a decent one! Oh, the pains of living in California :crazy_face:


Theres a decent Philly cheese steak shop in Huntington Beach area, but me not having tried a “real” one from Philly, I can only hope this is about the same. Used to hit them up a bit around a decade ago, but they’re still there.



All time favorite for me. Used to hit the “jasons Deli” in Chesapeake Virginia years ago. They did it all homemade including the homemade Russian Dressing. Damn Fine Sandwich!!


Ok, I’m getting a plane ticket ASAP LoL
Can’t find any really decent shops in FL.

I’m at my mom’s right now and she asked if I minded making imitation crab meat with angel hair pasta and home made Alfredo Sauce. Must say turned out pretty damn good. 1 lb of pasta and we ate just about 3/4 lb of it. So she’ll have leftovers for tomorrow.
But I still need a Philly Cheese Steak lol


I don’t ‘cook’ anymore, I just meal prep, since going on the carnivore diet. 6# of grd beef and 4# of chicken thighs today, and 4# of pork country style ribs yesterday = enough food for almost a week. I also mix in some hard boiled eggs, baked bacon, salmon, canned tuna/etc. Best WOE ever.


pork loin with lemon, thyme, garlic and a splash of marsala wine. Cooked in my best kitchen friend the Instant Pot.


That sounds awesome! Gotta love the Instant pot. All most as good as my Grandmothers old steam pressure cooker! I miss the old train sounds that thing used to make!! Not to mention the meals she used to prepare in it!!
I use ours to make fresh Green beans and potatoes with a heavy butter cream sauce that Granny used to make!! Good Stuff!!


Huntington Beach is a little out of the way-I’m WAAAAY the hell up in Northern CA(About two hours north of Sacto) Thanks for the heads up, tho! If I find myself down that way, I’ll definitely make the detour for a decent cheesesteak!