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A New WHAT thread, What are you COOKING!


Love the Instant Pot! Fork tender and juicy in just under an hour including prep time. Can’t beat it.

When I was a kid, my mom would always make Menudo on New Years Day (it was thought to be a remedy for hangovers) and she was making it in the old-school pressure cooker but she forgot to put in the rubber ring back on the lid. That thing exploded and there was tripe all over the ceiling. What a mess…


Beautiful country up there. Spent some time in Colfax and been to Clearlake/Lakeport area a few times.


I’m a couple miles northeast of Chico-It’s beautiful for sure! Except when everything is on fire(Not at the current time, mind you, but some jackass has been lighting off mortars all night…)


Sweet Hot Honey Glazed Bacon wrapped, Chicken Breast, with Creamy Xtra Cheesy Mac and buttered garlic small red potatoes !!! Hmmm, Hmm, Good !!!


trip to the local produce market I made a month ago, got some more pictures of some bacon wrapped scallops, and a peach cherry pie.


mmm mmmm! that looks so appetizing


I like grilling
Needless to say those are not the video’s I posted


Had a friend that swore by his mom’s Menudo. Myself I just don’t like the tripe! I’ve tried about15 different menudo’s with the same result. But If you make menudo and Substitute Pork shanks in it and plenty of serrano and jalapeno chili peppers sliced in it. I eat like a stupid idiot. Make myself miserable if I’m not careful. Just love it. It’s called Pozole like that. Homemade flour and corn tortillas go great with it. Just wonderful stuff


For the Rye bread have you ever herd of that interwebs thing I hear there are gajillions of recipes for it. You’ll want a deli or NY deli rye recipe


Here is the wikipedia of the man who was the first to come up with this crazy idea

I had the pleasure to work with him back in the 90’s on some HP-UX software that he volunteered to beta test for us. He is sure a hillarious guy :slight_smile:


When I make red I don’t ever add salsa or anything like that. Plenty of fresh and dried chili in it though I use a lot of Pasilla, chili de arbol, New Mexico, and California for a little sweetness in the heat. I use serrano, and pablano fresh peppers I like a combo of chuck and round (London broil) for the meat. I’m gonna give away my and a select few others secret to phenomenal red. A half hour before it is served put 1/16 of a teaspoon of cinnamon per per gallon of chili and 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon Dark unsweetened cocoa powder (make sure you mix it in well it will clump) You will absolutely flip over what it does to chili


I think the benefits are about even for living here in good ole Ca. All that fresh fruit and veg (if you know where to look and shop) Plus you got to admit that a Santa Maria TriTip Sandwich is hard to beat! They’ll never have Cioppinno (sp) like we can get across the bay. Just off the top of my head anyway


I use a touch of cinnamon in my spaghetti sauce-People love it, but I never tell them my secret. Until. now…I guess…Oh well. Cinnamon just makes the flavor of the sauce so much more robust! It really helps bring out the lower “notes” of the sauce.


My wife got to experience that first hand the last time we went back to PA-She ordered a California burger(Most places here serve it with avocado along with tomato, lettuce and the usual fixin’s) She got a burger that had ONE limp leaf of iceberg!


That’s an old secret. I also add a dash of kikoman soy sauce instead of salt, and i like to add some finely chopped Calamata olives


USPS Stew. Tried to stiff me on delivering a mod. OooooPs…


Somebody else was telling me they had one somewhere and got probably a leaf off the same head and get this Ranch dressing.


I must APOLOGIZE to one and all. Those were not the vid’s I one I posted. I even checked it after posting I have no idea what happened. Please forgive me. I hope I haven’t offended anyone


Looks deloush Walt !! love me some comfort food!!


My Way of Cajun Shrimp Boil !!