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A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules


I do and i know of who you speak as well.

Im pretty sure understood your quotes, i object to the premise in this context. We are here to look for the balance and not facilitate the take over of one side or the other nor are we here to install some sort of totalitarian state. We are tying to find a way to work together. I could have just banned people but i brought this to the public forum to discuss it.

If i am missing your point entirely please feel free to explain in different terms. I have read a lot of things over the last couple days so i dont object to the possibility that i may not completely understand your point.


Thank you Ken. I really needed that acknowledgment. Believe it or not, I really do like this place even with it’s idiosyncrasies.


Acceptable because you guys thought its ok for some to do what others are told not to?? Or because the ones who complain dont complain on the reviewers?

Either way its biased , unfair, and flat out wrong to tell some to tone it down and throw likes on reviews that do same thing.

Neither offend me. But what does offend me it the biased treatment I clearly see. Same actions… different people, and you clearly state its ok in reviews… hysterical


Oh, i know you do and we like having you around here. My door is always open for you to discuss the issues of which/about whom you speak. One of them is completely baffled at the moment. Id like to avoid that for tonight just because of this thread but i want you to know that you can always grab me by the arm and holler, lots of people do.

That goes for any of the mods. We are here.


In mod reviews only?? this is vaping …its all aduly period. We cant pick and choose some people oover another.
Threads get derail for many reasons…

iT IS favortism to allow it for reviewrs only…period


I may just take you up on that. Same in return if you feel the need.


Why because you can review? I mean I have seen make comments outside reviewing… I have rtoo. What is all this about derailing a thread? I can go to many threads right this minute that are derailed for many other reasons… why are we not disicussing this too then?


Wow, that is a LOT of comments thus far. First off @Steampugs needs to stay right here !!! Second, I might have a higher tolerance level than some, but I’ve not seen any reviews that contained anything that was that bad. A little wink-ity wink never hurt a review that I know of. I think the one single biggest issue is the sexual derailments that have been mentioned above. I may have contributed to a few derails, but after a while, as others have stated, the derails get kind of tiring. I sure hope I don’t have to stop, “That’s what SHE said”, and the like, but trimming down some of the rediculous back and forth derails wouldn’t hurt anyone. Having a dumping ground for things that got out of control isn’t a bad idea either, BUT, still technically part of the site, so not sure how much traction that gets.

Personally I’d like to see a new “likes for snitches” program, so for every thread I report, I get more likes. I’m ALWAYS running out !!! Kidding, no likes for snitches please. I would like MO likes by the way.

I’ve been down this road before, on a large forum, and had minors, and adults both present. We made sure the open public side was tight as a drum, the adult/member side was looser, but we still kept it from getting to out of control, mostly by mods. I’m assuming the same thoughts are in play here as well, so having dealt with that, I can appreciate at least why an attempt is being made.

As others have stated, I would hate to see the pendulum swing TOO far, as that could/would/might really leave people more WORRIED about what or how to post, than THE post, which could proved to be crippling. @Ken_O_Where hasn’t sounded like he was trying to go heavy handed into this, but capping some of the crap, and derails, so I’m not overly concerned. Having a place where you can let loose a little more, wouldn’t be a bad idea either, and entering at your own risk (if you have kids present, looking at your monitor), would be assumed.


Im sorry but a thread created and clearly marked as naughty is NOT the same as taking over threads with with the same type of banter. It just isnt.

All we are asking is that its kept in the appropriate place. Just because this is an adult forum doesnt mean all the adults want to watch a rated R movie. But there is a place for it.


Where does the reviews state naught?


I like the Disney channel personally. Honestly



ya know what… ignor all my comment. Between this thread and the issuing of and the promotion elistist who talks down to others… I know it wont matter what I say.

Theres certiain cliques and its acceptable for some and not others… i will move on

Thank you for those who helped me in my quest for knowledge and to not smoke Hugs to all

Edit I find it even more horrible that being told in private how all would be told to follow rules, and that it was being work on… only to see this as the solution and told it is ok again for some , is just so misleading and wrong… i lost faith being told one thing and slammed here with another


They are in the Saloon where the NSFW is not only implied it is discussed in the very first post. As well as her reviews being called VapeyMamas Naughty Reviews.


It’s not biased though because it’s not the same. It’s all about the context. Reading a review that’s specifically written to be fun as well as informative, it’s going to be in that style of writing from the beginning, on purpose. Those who don’t like the style, don’t need to read it. Now there’s a suggestion to add a parental warning of sorts so the church going folks don’t have to read them, fair enough.

When someone makes a topic asking about adding a fluffy mouth feel and ten replies in they’ve got NC-17 rated soft porn going on, that’s where the problem comes in. That’s derailing. That kind of thing should not be compared to the reviewers who start out intentionally adding a bit of sass.

EDIT: P.S I’m out of likes so please don’t feel like I’m “DIS-liking” anyone by not handing them out anymore. I love you all…mostly :smirk: lol


So I know I’ve done my fair share of derailing threads and for that I am sorry. I do my best to keep it in check but alas from time to time it gets away from me. The main issue I see is that some members of this forum take things a bit to far in both directions. Horse play and strict that is not allowed here sometimes even when there are no rules broken. So I guess what I’m trying to say is we need to come together and stop fighting amongst ourselves we have way bigger enemies at the gate and if we continue down this road we will all be looking over our shoulder to see who is with us to find we are all alone. I guess I’m just saying we have rules we don’t follow and we need to is it because they are to strict possibly but I don’t think so, we all just got into a bad habit of doing whatever we want wherever we wanted and that’s where the trouble lies. I really don’t know what I’m getting at but hopefully it will come to me soon.


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit YES !!!

@Ken_O_Where for clarification (and I don’t make threads like this), the sexual derails are an issue, but if threads are STARTED sexual/racey are those an issue too (i.e. I vape butter in the nude, etc.) ??


@Cutlass92 Me too ^^^^, and I’m liking this (after I wake up) …

You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 7 hours before trying again.


Thank you, d00d. Seriously. It aint just one of us, that’s why i said no call-outs, and that is the point i have been trying to make. Have i derailed threads with utter and complete stupidity? Yer damn right i have but i dont anymore and havent for a long time.

If it is in the Saloon, have fun but not Joel level fun and we are all good. I think most here have agreed with that.


So a bit of a recap here.

Saloon stays put, naughty things stay there. Lars agreed that anything an 8 year old shouldnt see doesnt belong in the public side of the forums.

Keep the Saloon NC-17 or lower and if you go into the Saloon and get offended dont come complaining to us.

No thread derailments, henceforth if you are gonna get all kinds of derailment crazy your information may be lost forever. I dont see a reason for us to clean up after others.

Keep the language on the public side half way decent and by that i mean swearing is allowed just dont get stupid with it. You know wtf im talking about.

If you feel you are beginning to derail to far split the thread into either a new thread or into a PM.

Did i miss anything?


yes we agree… what was told in pm’s is out the winndow … some get to do as they choose. others abide rules… got it thank you very much for the encouragment