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A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules


I’d really like to hear peoples thoughts on this. Obviously I don’t want to have to remove my reviews from this forum. And to be completely honest I would hate for them to have to be tucked away in the saloon away from the rest of the reviews. I’ve had great feedback that has led me to believe that people enjoy reading them, and really nothing bad has been said to me about them (other than when @SmilingOgre told me that he wanted to throw up a little bit after one of the intros… :laughing: ). But it’s obvious that there are at least a few people who have a problem with them for whatever reason, and I’d like to know what the community as whole feels would be the best solution moving forward.

I DON’T want anyone to look at me like I’m being given special treatment. I DON’T WANT special treatment. I DO want to hear opinions and suggestions on how to move forward so that people are happy. I really like when people are happy. :slight_smile:


Not quite what i had in mind. It should be something everybody can see at a glance before opening the thread itself like a traffic light or a percentage.
The likes are not so helpful either because a) they can’t be seen before opening the thread and b) (please don’t tar and feather me for saying this) some people can write whatever they like and still get lots of likes, no matter if it was on or off topic.


Speaks to the whole ‘buyer beware’ thing. This is a vaping forum for adults (since yeah, vaping is for adults too). Anyone who browses here should use their own diligence and discretion when coming here. Some things are adult in nature without being rule violations, and that is simply ‘the way it is’.

Reviews are everywhere. Everywhere. 99% of them are boring and uninteresting. And 99% of them, I wouldn’t bother to watch because they are so clinical. But reviews such as yours and Pug’s are captivating and entertaining. And they are for products I may not even have an interest in. But I read them because they are entertaining.

I can get smut and garbage at any site. ESPN, NBC, just about anywhere. The internet itself is rife with 18+ things, even at family sites. Everyone’s responsibility to surf, anywhere, at your own risk. Reviews stay here unchanged, as far as I’m concerned.


I did not know of your reviews before they were mentioned here but my take would be that they are perfectly fine.
Self contained, clearly defined style. I must say I rather enjoyed the Taylor Swift parody image :slight_smile: in the one I checked out as a result. I will pass on your eye bleach offer though.

Do I find it high absolute informational value, probably not. But this is because I don’t care about equipment that much. As they are perfectly non disruptive and the format is really quite good, I think they are quite good for their intended dual purpose. As a result, I feel they have a place here.

It is all above board, and possibly below belt :wink:


It is a shame that you do not share your contents. You might even be surprised by what people you do not know have to add. A price worth paying for a couple of low value responses in the thread.


And just to clarify, I was not in the least offended. I truly believe it was perceived as fine humor to the vast majority of folks. I intended it to be more of a tongue in cheek way to say TMI. I’m sorry Vapey, obviously my writing didn’t convey the message well. It truly was nothing outrageous.


She’ll have totally taken it this way - worry not friendly ogre :smiley:


Well, fair enough, if people can’t talk to each other about things they’re annoyed about i guess we DO need a nanny…


Oh hun, no worries at all! I didn’t take it badly, I got what you were going for. :wink:


You keep doin’ you Boo …Vaping by Law is 18+ so 18+ illustrated Vape reviews are in an appropriate realm. I don’t think you were “tarred”, but I hear your concern.


…or as @Lolly would say “Keep the pedal to the Metal …Petal”


If anything, on the reviews issue, i think a racier review with this: [NSFW] would be fine.

And i really like the serious tag but a button most likely wont happen. [Serious] at the front of the post should work out.


Reviews really don’t bother me… mainly because I don’t read them. I’m not really searching for newest latest thing on the market, because I’ve settled on a set up that works best for me.

After speaking with some older members, they to has mostly settled with what works for them also. For me it makes for a lot less trial and error.


I have often thought the same thing, after 100’s of posts and replies in a PM from someone asking me a question or opinion.

Some folks just want one on one time and straight talk without “distraction”. Some folks like loud, noisy bars… others want the solace of a tea room. The main thing is, those folks are sharing and getting help where they feel most comfortable… perhaps in time, that info will show itself in the public arena. :wink:


I will try to adhere, but not going to promise.

I love the reviews. As someone with depression, it is a way of laughing for that 5 minute read. I need those to laugh and melt problems away.

As for swearing. Sorry, I am a low common denominator here. It is common in a heated passionate debate to use such language. If you use such language it gets attention. Negatively, but point made. Civil sometimes work, but not always. I carry a blunt hammer in my back pocket.


Yours Fucking Truly


Yours Fricking Truly


Why? Nobody restricts you in the amount of posts, topics and what else. If you have information that would serve the public on ELR, let’s post it publicly. I’m sure most topics you can come up with already have a place in these forums.
It’s just that not everything belongs in 1 thread. If you feel the need to throw in another topic, start another thread or continue a previous thread that is already dealing with that topic.

Derailing is annoying and making a lot of people frustrated and waste time to find what they’re looking for. It’s like living in chaos and with more people, more opinions and what not, chaos gets out of control really fast. When you have a place that is nice, clean and organised where everything has its place, it becomes a lot easier and faster to navigate and dip in the topics that you’re interested or leave the ones you don’t care about.


Love ya skull :wink:


In a perfect world perhaps, but in real life a lot of people simply can’t work out their differences for whatever reason. It’s not only here on ELR but everywhere you go. This place shouldn’t become a place where the “strong” survive and the “weak” disappear. It’s not because you’re good with words that you’re automatically right. Just think about how many people here don’t even speak English as a first language and are already in a much weaker position to talk it out or defend themselves in an argument. I quite often see messages from people apologising for their poor English before they even post a message. It’s not always as easy to speak a different language and I too often get the impression that English speaking people take all that for granted.


This also gives the op the power to create a thread that only shows one side of the coin…

there is a serious button already in place . Just the moderators have final say , if action is needed…

When flags are used properly it’s 100% effective …

Edit : yes derailing threads has been a problem, I’m guilty of participating. But I did move to discord when a mod asked us to move it to discord.

But the problem isn’t only members derailing threads , it’s also the members who do not flag the derails is part of the problem…


Now with so many people wearing these flairs, why would you place the burden upon the regular users?
Isn’t it up to the veterans to decide what’s within the rules and what not?