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A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules


I’ve shared my thoughts on this with @JMak642 and I’ll repeat them here so everyone will know what goes on in my little pea brain.

Yes, I do feel if all a person does is throw links at someone that’s not entirely like helping them. People always get help though, so I don’t think providing the links should be discouraged. Because although that personal level of guidance is wonderful, people also need to help themselves. Sure, we could just keep hammering away at our keyboards repeating things ad nauseam. But stop and consider the enormous thought and energy some of these linked posts had behind them. Think of the wealth of information.

When I link obvious newbies, it’s not entirely impersonal. I link 3 specific posts, beginning with “Read the original post for the following threads. You will gain a much better understanding of things new mixers have questions about.” I know, that’s not a lot of hand holding. But the work went into the articles and if anyone can explain to me why it has to be redone, I’m listening.

Just since December, comments to one of these threads are…

WOWOWOWOWOW - I am extremely amazed, grateful, and disappointed (in myself mainly) all at the same time. LOL

I truly wish I had stumbled upon this post when I first started DIYing.

I wish I had read this before buying my first couple flavor orders!

What brilliant information. Thank you. I’m new to mixing and this will really help.

That article is a year and 5 months old, and still getting praise from newbies. Obviously still relevant. So while it may seem unwelcoming to some to respond to new folks with links, it also is appreciated. Yeah, they have to read. Good, I’d rather them read and learn a ton than me type my butt off and them learn a little. So I’ll keep linking - it’s the fastest way I know to provide the most help in the shortest amount of time.


You said it much better than I could have. Sometimes, everything I could tell someone, I learned from one or two key threads. It feels dishonest of me to answer a question as if I’m so knowledgeable when really, I’ve got this stuff bookmarked for my own reference. Most of the time I try to give a brief answer as well as telling them to follow the links.


This is what I tried to raise as a point in this thread, glad you said about it again.


Same here. I don’t think @Ken_O_Where or @JMak642 or anyone else is saying we shouldn’t ever link people. In fact I’m sure they know “link me dude” is in most people’s lexicon. What I’ve seen before, which I think may be entirely less appreciated, is when someone asks a question and a person responds - rather than using a helpful tone, comes across condescending - and says something like this question has been answered over and over. Here read X article. That’s not very friendly or welcoming, and could make the new member feel they’ve come to the wrong place.


I think you nailed it there.


Admittedly, I do begin to feel cantankerous with the kids who come in expecting a clone recipe to an obscure juice, giving no description and they made their profile 20 minutes ago. That’s why I don’t answer them. :grin: It would probably be unfriendly if I did.


When I don’t feel like I can help, it’s better to leave it to those who can.


I have an opinion on this. Since it’s not your thread and you’re not a moderator, I don’t think it’s your place to change someone else’s thread title. My opinion is you should suggest it but not just change it. I’ve had people do that to my threads and found it rather rude. Just sayin.


Allowing regular members to edit other member’s thread titles truly baffles me. I’ve never seen that before. That should be a staff function, no doubt. That’s an oddity and I think that ability should be reconsidered. I understand that it exists to ease the staff’s burden but that’s not something the genpop should be able to do. Fortunately it is held back for a while, at least.

*Edit right here real quick. I was wrong in how I worded my thoughts on that first paragraph. The point was how odd it was to see any staff function meted out to the general community. No, I don’t see a reason to remove that ability.

I used to get itchy and annoyed when I would see threads started on some of the same topics over and over. As someone who’d been aboard a forum for a long time, it was easy for me to say “Find it yourself, for rack’s sake. All you have to do is search!!” But that was easy for me to say. I was staff, I’d been there forever, and I knew about everything I needed to about the forum and the subject.

But I think of it from a noob’s perspective. Often lost, often confused, often has no idea their question has been asked before, even to death. I don’t get mad anymore, unless it’s an obvious or blatant rule violation, or if the noob continues to ask after the answer has been clearly given, even if through a linked thread. And besides, acting gruffly toward a noob is not a way to foster the community spirit we keep talking about, and not a good way to induce more noobs to stay here and grow through their noobidity and become regulars, too.

I’m almost out of pennies but there’s two more. I can probably dig more out of the couch cushions though.


No, you’re right. I haven’t seen it abused and it has been used responsibly, I won’t argue that at all. Just a really odd thing to see members given editing functions like that.


I edit titles mostly on the clone section. Not sure if the new members see the following when they start a thread asking for a clone.


Maybe a better way for me to say that would be “I suppose that it says a lot about the “regular” community that the staff enables an edit function like that”. Because yes, there is a lot of potential for abuse there. But you’re 100% correct that those with the ability have shown themselves to be quite trustworthy and willing to assist the staff with corrective actions like that. So yeah, I can admit when I’m wrong. As it’s handled by the people here, I’m wrong to suggest it be removed.


I’ve seen titles get edited as a way to send a smartass message to the OP. As I said, it happened to me, and I wasn’t a noob with a thread title needing correcting. I don’t like that just anyone can at any time change a thread title just because they’re “regular.” Of course no one asked me, but that’s the beauty of an opinion. You get to share it whenever you want :slight_smile:


If that was my mantra, I’d only have about a dozen posts here at the forum so far!!! Actually here the title suggests that EVERYONE asked you…


A) I could seriously hug you right now. Thank you for the support.

B) This isn’t a bad option. I mean, I’m not saying we have to be Stepford wives here, but sometimes silence is golden, discretion is the better part of valor, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything…I can keep going, I’m good with these one-liner things. LoL.


The only thing I’ve ever done with that feature is moving a post to the correct topic and then told the OP I did it and why.
I wouldn’t dream of changing the title of someone else’s post.


To a great degree I agree with you however in today’s world it is also important to understand and recognize “flags” of instability. “Blowing up” as you put it really cannot be justified and in fact is often something deeper such as IED (intermittent explosive disorder) which in itself is not necessarily threatening. If however the threats become specific and last for an extended period of time, especially if generalized rage the incident needs to be turned over to homeland security for analysis. People with the capacity to act this way on a forum also have the capacity to act this way in other arenas. They can be a danger to themselves and others.


Hmmm. I thought about writing a long post with points and explanations. I’ve decided to bring forward a few random points for simple ponderance.

-I wish topics about recipes were more highly discussed rather than talking about anything else.
-for those that didn’t know or care to watch when people were offended and walked away from elr…yes it has happened and the few people that I can recall I deeply miss their knowledge, input, and love for mixing.
-I have been skipping most reviews because my attention span isn’t long enough to get past all the gifs and ramblings. But I do like the posts and enjoy them…but there are so many that I must have missed the inappropriate ones.
-as for the use of language and other remarks. It doesn’t bother me, but I do think we as a community have gotten lax. For those like me who remember the discussion about a new member showing their body part (when showing a picture of their cat). Personally I didn’t enjoy that topic and felt alittle bad for the new member.

I must note I do love everyone and nothing I’ve said is meant to call out anyone or point fingers. We all own this site as a community and just wanted to share what I was thinking about.


I do wish I had a little more knowledge of the history here to speak from. I dunno, maybe it’s best I don’t.

What I hear from you there- and please correct me if I’m wrong- is what myself and a lot of folks here are saying… we don’t need to change any rules. ELR seems to have a good standard of rules in place, and a good staff capable of maintaining standards. What needs to happen is what’s said will happen- enforce the rules already in place. The vast majority will abide and life here will happily proceed forth. Those who cannot will wither and leave, or be asked to do so.

As this comes from the eyes of a relative newcomer, I may be completely off base. But it is the way I see it.


For those who are hiding out in here or who won’t see the top post: