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A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules



10 chat limit- can we vote to remove it


LOL I think that’s hardcoded into the software and even if it wasn’t, I don’t think it’d be changed. It’s supposed to be there to prevent people from posting “thanks” or “lol” or “+1” and make them use the likes instead I think. :woman_shrugging:

I mean, I can ask Lars? But maybe you should send me a PM in a few days when things are not so…interesting. :wink:


+1 love that idea…

Couldn’t help myself

Edit: might just do that after the dust settles


I would have liked a “speak up and call the manager if it doesn’t work” for the thread derailment poll.


I agree entirely. This should never be allowed by regular members that are not staff.


You have to have earned a trust level to be able to do this and 99% of the time it’s only done to be helpful. It makes sense though that if anyone should abuse this, they should lose their trust level. The mislabeling of a topic or putting it in the wrong place is such a minute issue for a mod to have to deal with. It’s also an easy mistake for a newcomer who hasn’t earned the level to change it themselves.


Absolutely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an instance where the ability was abused (not to say it hasn’t ever happened, but it definitely hasn’t been an issue in general). I’ve changed a few topic titles but if I remember correctly its always been adding [REQ] to a clone request or something similar.


I would like to propose a change we’ve been talking about just this morning. I don’t agree with Regulars being able to change other people’s thread titles. Even though most of the time it’s done out of good intentions, to me that’s editing another member’s words and I don’t believe in that. This should be a moderator function only. My not so humble opinion :slight_smile:


There was a lot of pushback when I originally poster that thought. How about a compromise? Those with the turkey flair?


The point is this has happened and never should have.


It’s a pink pigeon petal :laughing:


I agree 100%… This must have been some sort of software glitch that sneaked through the cracks. I can not believe Lars actually intended that to be the global forum configuration.

Where can we read a documentation page (is there a link for it?) that describes all the privileges of various “badges” and so forth?


I agree. That is censorship and should never be allowed by non-staff.


Is the rare case of abuse a fair trade off for what would be a constant strain on the mods over a relatively minor issue? It’s up to Lars and the mods how to handle this.


An example was provided earlier. I didn’t see how the change done by the other member was an improvement - it just was his wording preference. In that regard, another member’s personal preference is being forced on another. Why? Who elected anyone else to be the grammar police, or syntax police, or I know better than you police? But the fact is, this privilege has been abused.

Why? Why is it important for one member to be allowed to change another member’s words? If it was simple as @VapeyMama states, adding [REQ] or something similar, that’s one thing. But to reword someone else’s title. Why stop there? Why not let people edit other member’s posts? To me there’s zero difference. Like I said, I’ve had people do this. I quietly changed it back to my own wording. Never again. I’ll raise a stank, you can bet on that.


@oldvaporuser @50YearsOfCigars I disagree, it’s done very rarely and if trusted members can’t be trusted then remove that trust level. It’s a piddly task - the mods have enough on their hands imho.

I’ve done it three times that I can recall, none in a malicious manner.


Geez, I guess I dont get on enough as I have not been displeased with how the forum has been operating since I joined. Good points in here and trademark ELR civility. Good job all.

The one and only thing that completely pisses me off in fora are edits by mods (others can change my thread titles here!?) that do not include verbiage like “edited by moderator for…” that is BS because I feel like in such cases someone else is attempting to hijack my voice. I leave those places and never go back.

My vote is to be respectful to all and communicate a grievance with anyone that offends you, directly. You are an adult, handle your own fuggin business. If you are offended…YOU are offended. Dont hide behind “the kids”, saving non-merkins, or any other lame excuse. Its fine to tell someone they have offended you imo. Otherwise, how would the offender know? People are all different, so it needs to be communicated. Im not calling any one out, this is my view of the world.

As for the image we project to noobs, if we all continue to respect each other, I dont see that being an issue, but it’s not my site and therefore not my call. Lars has considerations of which I am 100.0% ignorant.

In all my time here Ive never found these norms to be burdensome, and at least from my perspective, I didnt think it needed to be said to the great people that visit here (that’s y’all). I also love that the mods have not acted as infallible Gods, and Id like that norm to stay as is. I reckon “answering” @JoJo’s “plea” for agreed-upon guidelines/enforcement is the best way to prevent devolvement into a much worse, more authoratarian, state than having a few enforced rules.

My hastily written, likely to be edited later, thoughts. Much love.


It all comes down to respect for one another.
Amongst my male peers I can be as lewd as the next guy, in mixed company totally different guy.
For me there is a time and place for particular humour and in a mixed forum I tend to err on the side of caution and decency.


Honestly I don’t see the need for members to have the ability to edit other members posts…

and before anyone says it’s just the title. The title is still part of the original post… you can’t post a new topic without a title… so it’s part of the original post.

This should be be a staff only ability - admins, moderators, and possibly mentors and wizards.


And if it’s so rare, why are others here saying it’s allowed under the pretense of taking the burden off moderators? It’s just been 2 mods for the past year or so, and now there are what…4-5 more? Let the editing of member’s words…however innocuous they may be…be the responsibility of moderator staff only and not to just anyone who can use their own personal views as a way of changing another’s wording. It may seems a silly argument to you, but to me I think it’s egregious.