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A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules




It doesn’t irk me either way tbh. Happy to do it if it’s helpful, happy to not have the ability and let the mods do it.

But then why have trusted members? Or pink flying pigeon badge holders? Let’s all just be members with mods moderating :tada:

/opens can of worms and backs away quietly/


It’s a trade off between the rare case of offending someone and the constant head ache of finding a mod, pestering a mod, making them stop what they’re doing to come make such a minor adjustment.


Another Example:

Added the Acronym :+1: :wink:


I don’t mind the worms. :slight_smile: Open discussion is important.

Here we go, maybe this will make my point more clear to you. Right now when I check on Latest threads, I can see several with punctuation errors, capitalization where there shouldn’t be, and just all sorts of things I could change to make the titles “better.” So what I’m hearing is I should be allowed to go in and change those? And if I did, do you think anyone would mind? I mean really, some of these have run on sentences and comma splices which just irk the hell out of me.




I understand and appreciate your point. Personally, if editing a title to correct the form or to assist with grammar (especially for a member with English as a second language) helps make a search of topics better and produce more results then I am ok with it.


Readability is very important, if you can add / improve something and have been trusted to do so, I say go for it. :sunglasses:


But what if I liked it better without the acronym

Or I think it looks better like

You know you’re a vaper when ________ .

Should I change it just because I think it looks better…

Would that be imposing my will on the original posters thought


That’s why I proposed cutting it off in the first place. The fact that it was pushed back on and that it is at LEAST restricted to members of a certain level is why I backed off. But I do actually agree with you man. I do actually think meting out staff responsibilities is wrong. I just relented because of the punt-back.


Ok, then why can’t I go into YOUR posts and edit the content? I think I can add / improve some of your posts. Why is the author’s thread title not given the same respect as message body? So far the answers have all been very insufficient. And I submit that your “edits” in many cases are not warranted, and merely reflect your personal tastes.


You are assuming that you understand intent (I feel like your intentions are good, dont get me wrong) I use non-words, bad grammar and punctuation the way I want to…if others dont like it or feel its incorrect, I’d hope they’d ask me rather than assume their interpretation is what I was going for.

Ended with a preposition and not, not, not fixed to make a point. My words, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are mine.


Oh no, I only want the ability to edit your posts like you edit other peoples titles. It would be great fun!

I hope the mod staff is reading this crap. Because others may be happy sweeping it under the carpet as a nothing burger, but to me it’s extremely serious. There’s the talk of our posts being a permanent part of the internet, yet the author doesn’t even need to grant permission or even be communicated with before someone chooses to change their words. BS with the emphasis on S.


@Grubby you didn’t answer my questions.


So @grubby should I change the title because in my opinion it looks better ?


You hit the nail on the head. Only the staff should have the ability to change or delete a post. Using the excuse your helping the staff by cutting down on what should be their job is crap. @SthrnMixer is right and should consider this extremely serious.


Sarcastically put, but fundamentally correct.


Simple google search


There isn’t one because badges and flairs don’t grant privileges. Now, user trust levels do and I can link you to that.

I’ve never edited a post for content. I’ve edited to fix a formatting glitch like a smiley or a tag that wasn’t displayed properly, when someone doesn’t use spaces between sentences and it looks like a link, or when someone accidentally does the pre-formatted thing that makes all your text appear as one line. There’s a field when we edit posts that lets you add a reason and I try to remember to always do that. Then when they click on the little pencil they can see why. This is a good thing to bring up to the other mods in how we operate. Even when a person’s post is awful, I feel it’s a better option to PM the person and ask them to edit it or ask for permission to edit it if they don’t mind but can’t be bothered. If it’s a serious thing that is against the rules, then the post should be flagged and the user told to edit it or it’s being removed.

Can we keep this discussion about titles and not about each other please?

The ability to edit titles is something that is built into the forum software. I am unsure if it is changeable, but I will check. This is not an assurance that I will change it if it is doable, though.


Didn’t really mean to target you, just you provided an excellent example of why staff should be the only ones editing members posts that I could expand on…