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"Alternative" Uses for Flavor Concentrates


I used some banana nut bread and fa walnut in a 1$ wendy’s vanilla frosty(shake). Was pretty good!


I have a bottle of Vanilla Custard SC RF that’s dedicated to the kitchen. I don’t even remember the last time I bought the brown stuff.


How To Make Your Own Scented Liquid Bath Soap
How To Make Scented Body Lotion
and more…


I’ve added them to coffee before. They are designed for baking or candy making but I really don’t use them in the kitchen.


@Laberythm How To Make Your Own Scented Liquid Bath Soap
How To Make Scented Body Lotion
and more…

This was a costly reply for me! I have 70$ worth of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion arriving in a few days. Although if I figure it out, xmas will be taken care of for all the women in the family and I’ll get sime brownie points for creativity. I guess some initial investment is necessary. Thanks for the link, super helpful.


I have bookmark it and I read it from times to times because has help me alot with the mixes as well. :wink:


If y’all ever feel adventurous… Making candy is as easy as boiling water and sugar.
The kits have a couple flavors included (from LorAnn’s) or the basic hard candy kit. To make molded candies, you would need about 5 molds, but I’ve always just poured it onto foil, let it harden then break it apart. (And don’t forget your candy thermometer!!!)


I like to try flavors in a Wendy’s vanilla frosty or a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


:slightly_smiling_face: Did you have any success so far?


Yes! In fact due to 3 snowy days I’ve been working hard on the project. I’ll post pics when I’m done. Thanks for asking and remembering.


Oh yes please! :+1:


Can I post in the thread somehow or have to link to imgur or some such hosting site?


You can post in the thread, use the upload button or I think, just click & drag into the reply window.


If you want to upload them to the site bring up the reply window and:




Ahh too late! I uploaded them to imgur while you were replying… Here’s the link:

Let me know what you think!


I posted elsewhere about being a diabetic and how these “alternative” uses can be life or death for people with same or similar health problems. Obviously they are food flavorings and used for baking and cooking and have been for a very long time…long before vaping even existed. I can trace my usage back to around 2002 or 03.

It is a fact that I never stopped smoking because I used it to control my appetite even though I knew that one or the other was likely to kill me. There is no doubt in my mind that I am doing the same with vaping.

Diabetes is a vicious circle in that it can make you feel like shit when your levels are under control. But to do this you have to live on a lot of tasteless gruel and give up on many things you would otherwise enjoy. Far too many just can’t do this and end up with amputated limbs or dead. These flavorings can be used to boost the “tasteless gruel” into enjoyable foods. I wish more people understood this so maybe they could help a friend or family member.

So while I didn’t post any specific use or recipe, this usage whether in a vape device or food recipe truly is a lifesaver. Personally, I’d like to see doctors passing out mods and tanks and showing their patients how they can control their eating habits and thereby their health. It doesn’t have to be inhaled or have Nic.


Sorry if it’s mentioned, but what about a few drops into an essential oil diffuser? I know they aren’t ‘oils’ but would that work (or in other words, has someone guinea-pigged this so I don’t have to risk ruining a diffuser)? :grinning:


They’re water soluble so… they shouldn’t wreck the diffuser… I’m super tempted to make my whole house smell like fa butter now… :laughing:


I hope it works, let me know! Because Catalan Cream ‘smells’ good, but I haven’t been successful in mixing it yet… and I have a ton.


Crap. Now I have to try it. Will report back soon (if I don’t, the house blew up).